Ethnic NewsWatch Database

Looking for a different perspective in your research? Ethnic NewsWatch could be the perfect database for you. This full-text database is made up of over 300 ethnic, minority, and native publications such as The Arab-American News, the Native American Times, and La Opinión. These and the many other titles you can access at Ethnic NewsWatch all fall outside mainstream news and can provide you with information you might not have found otherwise.

One of the interesting things you can do with your research through Ethnic NewsWatch is narrow down your search by ethnic group. For example, if you wanted to learn about education from an Asian or Pacific Islander perspective or immigration as it relates to those of Arab or Middle Eastern descent, you can select those specific ethnic groups in your search. You can also search all publications in the database for information on education, immigration, or any other topic.

— Bethany Stripp, Library Student Blogger

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