Googling Tips

While the library’s website provides access to many databases to help you with your research, sometimes it’s easier to begin your research on an interface you’re familiar with like Google. However, doing a standard Google search can bring back a lot of information you may not need. recently published an infographic with tips on narrowing your Google searches to include just the information you’re looking for.

googlescholarThe infographic also has suggestions for searching in Google Scholar, which searches just for published materials like scholarly articles and books. Keep in mind that you can use the “Full Text Options at Hope College” links on the right hand side to see which articles the library subscribes to, as most scholarly articles are not freely available on the open web.

As you’re searching Google, don’t forget about the “You Loop,” which is going to limit what kinds of materials you see. As always, if you need help in your research, the librarians at the Research Help desk would be happy to talk with you.

— Bethany Stripp, Library Student Blogger

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