Meet the Library: Reference and Instruction

Reference and InstructionThe Reference and Instruction department of Van Wylen Library performs an integral role in the library mission. In addition to helping students and faculty individually with research, the reference and instruction librarians work with many different Hope classes, including every First Year Seminar, all sections of English 113, and numerous upper-level courses.

Priscilla Atkins is the Head of Reference and Instruction at the library. When she first graduated from college she taught elementary school, and although she enjoyed this experience, she learned that she wanted to work with college level students. After she received her Masters in Library and Information Studies at the University of Hawaii in 1990, Atkins served at Ball State University Libraries before coming to Hope 1994.

“I love working at a college this size so I can get to know faculty and students from all the disciplines,” Atkins said.

That variety helps contribute to what Atkins feels is the best part of her job. “I come to work and I don’t know what questions I’ll receive that day,” she said. “Interacting with students is the best part of the job for me.”

The Reference and Instruction staff also includes Rachel Bishop, Todd Wiebe, Jessica Hronchek, and David O’Brien. They are ready and willing to aid you in whatever research you might need to do.

“We love helping people,” Atkins said.

Make a reference librarian’s day and stop by the reference desk if you ever need help or guidance with your research!

— Bethany Stripp, Library Student Blogger

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