Library Replaces Security Cameras

The library is in the process of replacing and upgrading its security camera system. The old VHS-based system was installed approximately 15 years ago and has become worn out. The new digital system features motion activated HD cameras and software that allows easy browsing to specific events. The images from the HD cameras are far superior to those of the old analog cameras, and can be viewed both in the library and at Campus Safety. The new camera system is the culmination of many meetings including representatives from the library, CIT, Campus Safety, Operations, and Physical Plant. Several security companies vied for the project, with EPS Security Systems ultimately being chosen.

Even with this enhanced level of security, students should always be aware of their surroundings and use common sense. It is not unusual for students to leave laptops, cell phones, and purses unattended on tables and in study rooms. Although it rarely happens, these kinds of items have been stolen from the library in past years. Please think twice before leaving your valuables unattended.

— Dave O’Brien, Head of Access Services

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