Breaking Chains: Human Trafficking Awareness Week

Hope’s Women’s Studies Program, along with other departments and organizations across campus, is sponsoring a week (February 15-22) of special events and lectures to raise awareness about human trafficking across the globe. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry, with an estimated 27 million people held in bondage right now according to modern-day abolitionist group Free the Slaves.

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Presentations from advocates, experts, and non-profit groups, as well as a documentary viewing and a benefit concert, complete the week-long series. A complete schedule of events can be found here.

Van Wylen Library has several resources for those interested in learning more about this complex issue.   There is a libguide that showcases pertinent resources including books, eBooks, videos, and articles all accessed through the library.

Highlights include Stacey Robertson’s Hearts Beating for Liberty: Women Abolitionists in the Old Northwest,where she argues that 19th Century Abolitionists can be viewed as models for modern day slavery abolition. Robertson will speak on Thursday, February 21 at 4 p.m. in Winants Auditorium.

If you’re interested in learning about human trafficking in a broader way, check out CNBC’s Crime Inc. Human Trafficking documentary. The film covers many types of human trafficking, including prostitution and slave labor.

All books and DVDs listed in the event’s libguide are located in Featured Collections behind the Reference Help Desk on the first floor of Van Wylen. Stop by and browse before or after taking in one of this week’s events!

–Madalyn Muncy, Library Student Blogger

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