The Dreaded Group Project

Written By Writing Assistant and Student Director (Spring 2019), Irene Gerrish  A common complaint I hear from fellow students, colleagues, and even myself, is that our classes don’t teach us how to do things that are really, really crucial to survival in adulthood. Filing taxes, understanding how mortgages work, and being financially responsible all play […]

Mountaintop Reading and Writing

Written by Writing Assistant and Fellow, Will Lake Last semester I had the pleasure of living and learning in the beautiful state of Oregon. Through a program sponsored in part by Hope, The Oregon Extension, I was able to travel to a secluded mountain top ex-logging town where we lived in cabins, turned in our […]

Hey wordy writers! Have you heard of A.P.?

Written by Writing Assistant Becca Stanton  It’s hard enough to write a college-level paper with so many citation styles and formatting rules to keep track of, but living in a world full of social media can throw another banana peel under the writer’s foot. I’ve had to learn that the hard way. I’m an English […]

Here’s how working at the Writing Center has prepared me for a Career in Healthcare

Written by Writing Assistant Rebekah R.  When I was first nominated to work at the writing center during the summer before my Sophomore year at Hope, I was interested in the opportunity to get paid to help my fellow students with their writing. I was excited to have an on-campus job that I would enjoy, […]

What’s a Pre-Rough Draft?

Written by Writing Assistant Morgan Brown  Starting a paper can be a daunting task. Regardless of your major, writing skill, or interest in the paper topic, sometimes starting that introduction feels impossible. Everyone has experienced the moment of looking at a prompt and completely blanking, of staring at a computer screen for hours waiting for […]

Location is Everything: Finding the Right Place to Create Your Best Work

Written by Writing Assistant Anne Gorman The environments we immerse ourselves in play a huge part in the final products we create, especially when it comes to writing. Finding a spot on campus that works well for you is key. When searching for the perfect spot ask yourself these questions: Do these surroundings motivate me […]

But what does it mean? An in-depth guide to some well-intentioned writing advice

Written by Writing Assistant Emma Haas Writing advice generally comes with the best intentions: to make your writing better. But, if you don’t really understand the advice you’ve been given, then it’s pretty hard to move forward. As a Creative Writing major, I’ve gotten lots of tips and tricks to develop my writing style. However, […]

We Get It: Writing is Hard!

By Writing Assistant Lucy Katter Love it or hate it, writing is really hard. No matter what type it is: fiction, nonfiction, formal, informal, writing well takes a lot of work. Perhaps it sounds weird that a Writing Assistant would be saying this, but the fact that I have that position is exactly why I’m […]

Need Advice with a Business Letter or Internship Application? We can Help!

Written by Writing Assistant Aireal Keefer As college students, we’re all preparing for our inevitable leap into the real world. As we’ve all been told, it’ll be a rough awakening! Fortunately, the Writing Center can help to prepare you for the real world. Our assistants are well trained in the discipline of business writing and are […]

Writing For A Religion Class

  Written by Writing Assistant Jacob Starr   Scenario: you’re sitting in your 100-200 level Religion course, the Professor announces at the end of class that you have a  four-five page research paper. You have no ideas, and you’re not someone who has attended private Christian school your whole life. You hardly even know who this […]