Need Advice with a Business Letter or Internship Application? We can Help!

Written by Writing Assistant Aireal Keefer

As college students, we’re all preparing for our inevitable leap into the real world. As we’ve all been told, it’ll be a rough awakening! Fortunately, the Writing Center can help to prepare you for the real world. Our assistants are well trained in the discipline of business writing and are able to give you tools and insights into what future employers are looking for.

Whether you need help with a resume, a cover letter, or an application, writing assistants are waiting and ready. Through our vast variety of majors and minors, we will do our best to match you with a writing assistant who can give you advice as to what an employer in a specific field may be looking to see in your pieces.

For a student searching for a future internship or job, the first step is to have a well-written embodiment of the experiences and events you have encountered that would make you an essential addition to their team. These pieces of writing are often the first thing future employers will see in regards to you. Employers will gain insight about work ethic, experience, and professionalism from the way these pieces are crafted, which is a big deal in the business world!

Having a well-written resume, cover letter, or application is the first key to success with any new experience. Along with this, these pieces aim to showcase your accomplishments and achievements in order to display the best version of you. They allow employers to recognize your skills and hire you based on how well they believe you would fit into their company.

As crazy as it may seem, one resume could be the beginning of the rest of your life and one cover letter could earn you the job you’ve always wanted. Both of these pieces must be clean, organized, and concise. These attributes will not only gain an employer’s respect but will also allow them to effortlessly review your work. Our goal at the Writing Center is to give you the tips and tricks needed to perfect these pieces of writing and prepare you for life after college.

Applying for jobs and internships can be extremely stressful, but at Writing Center we aim to reduce some of this stress and ensure that you are prepared for whatever your goals may be. Every student, at some point in their college career, must be prepared to face the trials and tribulations of the world head-on. Your fellow students at the Writing Center would love to be a part of this preparation, so stop by soon with questions regarding resumes, cover letters, and applications!

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