This fall, the Writing Center will have a new writing center coordinator! Meet Amanda Presswood.

Amanda Presswood

Amanda and Writing Centers

Amanda is thrilled to be getting back into writing center work. Currently, she teaches at Brandeis University in Massachusetts and will make the move to Michigan this summer. She is excited to meet many new students. She is also excited to be welcomed into her new home – the Hope College community.

From a young age, Amanda always wanted to be a teacher. She had a haphazard way of getting there, but she got to her end goal. As an undergraduate, she jumped around majors for the first half of her academic career until she began working at her own school’s writing center. It was love at first write! (See what I did there?) She was sold when she found she could turn writing center work into a career.

Amanda will be teaching ENGL 113 alongside directing the Klooster Center. She says she prefers to teach introductory English courses as they bring in a plethora of students with all types of backgrounds. Working alongside students has always been a passion of hers. She believes that tutoring strategies are the best resource possible for students. Valuing student voices is also something important to Amanda, and she looks forward to working alongside the student leadership team at the Writing Center to make it a next-level collaborative experience for everyone.

Community is something that the Writing Center has been working on this year, and with Amanda on the team, it is only going to continue to transform into the best it can be.

Life Outside Writing Centers

Outside of work, you can find Amanda chilling with Boo, her fluffy white cat, and Brownie, her chocolate lab. Also, in true English teacher fashion, she loves to read. It doesn’t matter what kind of genre, she will read it. Amanda prefers fiction and biographies. The lives of others interest her. Recently she has been bitten by the Colleen Hoover bug. She just finished It Ends With Us and plans to read Verity next.

Please join us in welcoming Amanda Presswood to Hope College!

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