Location is Everything: Finding the Right Place to Create Your Best Work

Written by Writing Assistant Anne Gorman

The environments we immerse ourselves in play a huge part in the final products we create, especially when it comes to writing. Finding a spot on campus that works well for you is key. When searching for the perfect spot ask yourself these questions: Do these surroundings motivate me to work harder? Do they motivate me to focus? Do they foster creative thinking? Finding a place that checks “yes” to these three questions will help you find your perfect writing spot. In the meantime, I want to share with you some of my favorite spots around campus and additional tips.

My favorite spot in the library is easily the fourth floor. Although it is a hike to make it to the top, the quiet setting helps me dive deep into my work. The best part of the fourth floor is the long tables. Whenever I write a paper, I like to spread out all of my sources and notes. Having enough table space to organize my thoughts is super important to me! Besides the practical pros of the fourth floor, you also have beautiful views of my two favorite buildings on campus: Graves Hall and Dimnent Chapel.

The library isn’t for everyone, but hey, coffee shops might be! There are plenty of amazing spots around downtown Holland. One of my favorites is Ferris Coffee. I love working at Ferris’s tall tables. I find that standing while writing a paper motivates me to work harder.

One of my favorite tips for productive writing is focused around the workspace. I find that when I set small goals at different locations, my writing becomes more organized and the task doesn’t seem as daunting. For instance, try writing your outline/devising a plan at the Martha Miller Center, head on over to the library to write your paper, and head back to your dorm to edit. This is one of my favorite ways to work. When I section off my work and assign each part a different location, it increases my motivation. The little walk from place to place helps me refocus my thoughts so I can put my best foot forward to finish the assignment. Breaking up where you are working during your writing process has huge benefits! This strategy is especially beneficial if you are deadline-panicking.

I hope that the next time a paper is assigned to you, you feel excited to find the perfect location to help you create your best work. Happy writing!

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