Essay-Writing Beauty Tips: It’s the Sensible Approach to Creating a Beautiful Paper.

Written by Writing Assistant Darian Davis

Can a balanced life truly produce a beautiful paper? This advice almost sounds like it came directly from your mom. Honestly, I do not believe she is wrong. Discovering how to balance your daily routine does wonders for your academics and most notably essay writing.

What exactly does a balanced life look like?  Personally, it all starts with time management. I recommend making a list of all the things you need to do and want to do. (Don’t forget to include deadlines!!!) Based on the list created, then allocate specific days and time to complete the work. For example, after Chem class ends at 12:00 then I plan an hour to do homework followed by an hour at the gym. After time at the gym, I have 40 minutes to grab lunch and go to Psychology. Living with balance in life requires intentional planning with time in order to accomplish all of your goals. In addition, being balanced goes beyond just living as a student. It means making time to eat, exercise, volunteer, and relax in addition to doing school work.

Now the beauty of balance shines when applied to the writing process. Science demonstrates that a balanced lifestyle reduces stress and reduced stress is perfect for beginning the writing process. I recommend brainstorming right away when receiving a writing assignment. Although you might have a ton of time until the due date you could potentially discover that you need that extra time for researching or editing. During the brainstorming process, I believe creating an outline is as necessary as drinking water every day. An outline will help organize and connect your ideas for the paper as well as reveal points that need more support. Once an outline is created, I add writing time into my daily schedule. I have found that writing for an hour or two a day is far more approachable than trying to write an entire essay in one sitting. This way you can avoid burning out at the end with sloppy writing and repeated ideas in the second half of the essay.

Lastly, I recommend including editing days in your timeline. Give yourself time to read over your essay carefully and even bring it to the Klooster Center for Excellence in Writing! Writing Assistants would love to look at your essay and help you in any way that we can!

Hope College, I challenge you to find balance in your daily routine. Get out those planners and calendars and begin to manage your time. We all want to do our best and through a balanced life, we can present truly beautiful products.

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