After you visit The Writing Center … you (and your instructor) get a “Session Report.” What’s the value of the Session Report, and how are they created and sent?

By Writing Assistant Ash Borowski

Just because the appointment is over, that does not mean that the job is done. There is more that happens behind the blue partition than reading papers. That’s right, I’m talking about the “session report.”

 You may have noticed that we ask a lot of questions when you set up your appointment. Those questions aren’t because we are nosey. Instead, they help us with data analysis and doing an important part of our job: Session Reports.

When you come in for an appointment, you may have noticed the green sheet of paper that follows you back to the table. The front side has your answers to all of the questions we asked. The back side is usually used for notes that the Writing Assistant uses during the appointment. Don’t worry, the notes aren’t bad. They just help us remember what we worked on (we have a heavy loaded schedule just like you. We forget things sometimes).

After you leave your appointment, we fill out a google form. We input the information that you gave us into the google form and then we write up a quick 3-6 sentence summary about what happened during the appointment. After that, we hit send and the results from the form get turned into an email that gets sent to you and the professor. It’s especially handy for those professors that require you to come in. You have the appointment and the email gets automatically sent out!

If you don’t have a class the paper is for, don’t fret! No matter the type of paper you have, we always submit a session report. That way you can have the email reminding you of everything that we worked on during the appointment.

The nice thing for you is that we do all the work! You just get to come in, eat some candy, and focus on your paper. If you ask me, it sounds pretty sweet!

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