Election Incident Report and Response

Dear Campus Community,

As we enter the last week of a difficult election season there may be incidents of disrespect, microaggression, or hostile acts.  Unfortunately, we are anticipating and preparing for this because of incidents that happened after the 2016 election to Hope students by Hope and Holland community members. To be prepared to respond quickly to these behaviors, we have created an Election Incident Report form. Similar to the COVID concern form, the purpose of this is to capture incidents and respond quickly. 

If you experience or witness acts of hostillity, harassment, or discrimination, please submit a report  and a staff/faculty member will connect with you to provide support, resources, and initiate further follow-up.  

Last week, Drs. Sonja Trent-Brown, Richard Frost, Trygve Johnson, and Gerald Griffin called on each of us — students and employees alike — to actively foster a campus environment framed by belonging, understanding and grace during this election season.

Belonging: Everyone here feels it’s their Hope. Together we celebrate diversity and together we share in defining Hope.

Understanding: Even when we don’t agree, we work to understand each other better and move forward. We disagree well. We can respectfully discuss emotional and consequential issues.

Grace: We extend our best to each other and we believe the best of one another. We strive to foster a culture of trust and accountability. Our culture is free from threat, intimidation, gossip and retaliation. People always have someone they can turn to for help.

Thank you for doing your part to build a campus community where our actions reflect our name: HOPE. 


Mark Brice, Assistant Director of Residential Life
Sara Dorer, Equal Opportunity and Compliance Coordinator
Jevon Willis, Assistant Director of the Center for Diversity & Inclusion

For additional election resources and events, please visit the Elections 2020 website.

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