Thank you Human Resources!

The Recognition and Appreciation Team would like to extend our gratitude to the Hope College Human Resources Team for working so hard throughout the year and especially during this time as open enrollments have come in and are being processed.

Open enrollment occurs yearly giving all Hope College employees the opportunity to change and/or add Hope College benefits for the upcoming plan year. Notifications are sent out by HR in April and the Open Enrollment period extends for a month, usually April 15 – May 15. Each year all employees must respond to the open enrollment form regardless of whether or not they make a change in benefit elections.

Elected benefits remain in place for the full year, July 1 through June 30, unless there is a life event that qualifies an employee to change benefit designations at a different point in time. Get information on Life Events that qualify!

Thank you Hope College Human Resource Team for all the great work you do for us as Hope College employees!

Meet the Human Resources Staff


The CAT Recognition and Appreciation Team: Paul Willard, Sonja Glover, Carla Bos, Sarah Baar, Rachel Bishop

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