Thank you Admissions and Financial Aid Departments!

As we end another semester here at Hope, the Recognition and Appreciation sub group of the Hope College Cultural Action Team is recognizing all the hard work our Admissions and Financial Aid teams have put in throughout the year. 

We would especially like to recognize the difficulties that these departments faced during the end of this semester with the rollout of the new version of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA has been delayed by various reasons causing problems for both the students as they fill out the form, as well as problems for many colleges as these forms were received very late in the process due to glitches and errors.

We are grateful for our amazing Financial Aid and Admissions Staff who have worked so hard to make applying to Hope a smooth process and have extended the deadline for FAFSA to May 15. We also appreciate the ongoing work of our Admissions Team with their continued dedication to outreach and recruitment as well as providing events such as Anchor Days and Junior Days in order that prospective students feel informed and welcomed to apply here at Hope.

Thank you to both the Financial Aid team and the Admissions team for all you do, providing Hope College with a diverse and high functioning student body.

Meet the Financial Aid Team

Meet the Admissions Team


The CAT Recognition and Appreciation Team: Paul Willard, Sonja Glover, Carla Bos, Sarah Baar, Rachel Bishop

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