Make the Call with Code Blue Safety Phones

Hope College has a beautiful campus adorned with tall trees, amazing architecture, and Code Blue Safety Phones. These Code Blue Safety Phones are conveniently placed around campus to act as a direct line to Campus Safety. When you press the “Help” button, you will be immediately connected with a dispatcher at Campus Safety.  

Although most students will use their own cellphones to call Campus Safety, it would be remiss to think that when in need of assistance, everyone has easy access to their cell phone. In times of panic or necessary quick action, these Code Blue Safety Phones act as an accessible and simple way to connect with Campus Safety immediately.

Every time a call comes from the Code Blue Safety Phone into dispatch, an officer is immediately sent to that location, whether someone is heard on the line or not. These safety phones can be used at any time to reach Campus Safety no matter what the situation. Whether you are in imminent danger, need a jumpstart or safety escort, calls can always be made on a Code Blue Safety Phone.

Code Blue Safety Phones are placed strategically throughout all of central campus as well as at the perimeters such as in front of DeVos Fieldhouse on Fairbanks Avenue and on 15th Street between Columbia and Lincoln. In fact, there will be more Code Blue Safety Phones added in the near future.

We recommend that you become familiar with where the Code Blue Safety Phones are located.  Here you will find a map of the current locations of all Code Blue Safety Phones.

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