AED Units Help Save Lives

Inside of every Hope College building, you can find an AED device. AED stands for “Automatic External Defibrillator” and its purpose is to help those who are having a cardiac event, including a heart attack. The device sends an electric shock through the victim, with the intent of stopping an irregular heartbeat to allow a normal rhythm to return. Essentially, it provides a defibrillating pulse that allows the victim to have proper blood flow until emergency personnel arrive.

Campus Safety gives students and staff the opportunity to become trained in using AEDs, but training isn’t required to be able to use an AED device. If you witness a person experiencing a cardiac event, activate the device, and it will speak to the user, taking them step by step to ensure proper use. By properly following the device’s electronically-spoken instructions, the victim is much more likely to benefit from AED use.

AED devices are checked regularly by Campus Safety and private contractors, and can be found in the first-aid cabinets across campus. Additionally, if you find something to be running low in a first-aid cabinet, alert Campus Safety, and they’ll come to refill it at their earliest convenience.

Resident directors also have first-aid cabinets in their apartments. Oftentimes there will be multiple first aid cabinets per floor in a larger building, with AED devices located inside of those.

In conclusion, always remember where to find an AED device in your building. It, and you, could save a a life.

The location of the AED devices on campus are as follows:

  1. 100 E. 8th Street, The Plaza (on the wall near the entrance)
  2. Anderson Werkman Center (south entrance hallway)
  3. Athletic Field Garages (green garage near the overhead doors)
  4. Campus Safety Office (mobile unit in the officer’s area)
  5. DeVos Fieldhouse (event level, at the southwest end of the bleachers)
  6. DeVos Fieldhouse (east end of the main concourse, by the ticket office)
  7. DeWitt Center (first floor, near the southeast entrance by the theater and restrooms)
  8. DeWitt Tennis Center (west wall of lobby)
  9. Dimnent Chapel (first floor foyer, near the elevator entrance door)
  10. Dow Center (first floor, in the equipment room)
  11. Graves Hall (first floor center hallway)
  12. Haworth Inn (behind the front desk)
  13. Jack Miller Center (east hallway near administrative office)
  14. Jack Miller Center (north hallway near the ticket office)
  15. Knickerbocker Theater (main lobby)
  16. Lubbers Hall (north entrance door)
  17. Maas Center (west hallway)
  18. Physical Plant (first floor grounds department)
  19. Ray and Sue Smith Stadium (west concession stand)
  20. Schaap Science Center (ground floor in the middle stairwell)
  21. Theil Research Center (east stairwell)
  22. Van Wylen Library (first floor near the elevator doors)
  23. Van Andel Soccer Stadium (first aid room)
  24. Vanderwerf Hall (basement hallway near the accelerator lab)
  25. Two mobile units inside of the Campus Safety cars
  26. Bultman Center

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