Preparing for Tornado Season

Michigan is no stranger to severe weather.  As April quickly approaches, so does the beginning of testing of the tornado sirens in the City of Holland.   The Outdoor Warning Siren System is used in the event are sustained winds of 70 MPH or more or there is a tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service.  The City of Holland will begin testing the Outdoor Warning Siren System on Friday, April 7 at 12:00 pm. The testing will occur on the first Friday of the month at 12:00 pm and will conclude on October 6. 

Ottawa County Central Dispatch Authority has the technology to issue a county-wide warning, although Holland can still sound their alarms for a local emergency.

Hope College Campus Safety will issue a Rave Alert in the event there is a Severe Thunderstorm or a Tornado Warning.  If you have not received the Rave Alert test messages sent each semester, be sure to update your emergency contact information in

Text alert: Please take a few minutes to verify that your emergency contact information is current by doing the following:
> Go to
> Select “Personal Information.”
> Select “Update Emergency Contacts.” Your name (Relationship: Self) and cell phone number entered as an Emergency Contact will register you to receive HOPE ALERT messages.

In the event of a severe weather emergency, immediately seek shelter in the nearest designated shelter area.  Continue to monitor email, local radio, and television for indications from the National Weather Service that the tornado warning has been lifted.  Do not clear the shelter area until officially given the all-clear by the National Weather Service or by Hope College Campus Safety.

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