Hope Alerts Aid in Campus Safety

Recently you may have received text messages on your phone regarding Holland weather advisories and timely safety precautions for our campus. You may also wonder what these messages are, where they come from and how to take action.

Emergency alerts are sent when there is an immediate threat to life and/or property, such as natural or man-made disasters, active assailants, or threats on campus. You may also get occasional test messages. These messages begin with the words “HOPE ALERT,” followed by timely information that advises students, faculty, and staff with instructions for further action to stay safe.

Here is some important information that Campus Safety would like you to know about Hope Alerts:

Why pay attention to a HOPE ALERT?

Campus Safety officers and dispatchers are vigilant about various happenings on campus and in Holland, especially in the surrounding area. If they hear of an event that is concerning and poses a potential threat to people at Hope, a Hope Alert is sent out. The most effective way to stay out of harm’s way is to follow the safety precautions recommended in the HOPE ALERT.

I did not receive a HOPE ALERT. What should I do?

Making sure that you are signed up to receive emergency text alerts is the first step to ensuring that you are keeping yourself safe. To sign up for the system or verify that your information is current:

  • Log in to plus.hope.edu with your User ID and Password.
  • Enter Secure Area > Personal Information > Update Emergency Contacts
  • If your name is not listed, add a New Contact. Enter your name and cell phone number.
  • To receive emergency text messages, the relationship must be set to Self, and your name must be listed in the first (1) order spot.
  • Click Submit Changes.

Take responsibility for your own safety by double-checking that the correct contact information is in the system.

Hope Alerts will be delivered from any of the following short codes:  226787, 67283, 77295, or 78015. Verify that you have not blocked these numbers on your mobile device.

What happens after I receive a HOPE ALERT?

All relevant updates during an emergency are issued via the HOPE ALERT system, the Hope Alert page, inHope, and the @HopeCollege Twitter account. Calling Campus Safety during an emergency should occur ONLY if you have critical information to report about the situation. Lines should stay open for officers to resolve the situation with those needing to report information about the emergency.

Who receives a HOPE ALERT?

Once the plus.hope.edu account has been successfully updated, students who are enrolled in classes, live, and/or work on campus will receive a Hope Alert. Also, faculty and staff members receive the Hope Alerts.

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