Bringing Joy, One Cup of Coffee at a Time

How do you find your calling? What is your purpose – the thing that you just know you were created to do? I recently sat down with Mark Dykema, a local business owner and 2007 Hope College grad. As a student, he had opportunities to reflect on his strengths through classes and conversations with his […]

Parent to Parent: The Time Has Come

It was six years ago when we dropped off our youngest for her first year of college. So many emotions and so little time to process them! It’s August 2019 and three weeks away from your child heading to Hope College; exciting and scary at the same time, especially if this is their/your first year. […]

We are…The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career!

One of the most challenging things that college students have to do is choose a career path. There are lots of options out there and many feel the pressure to ensure they are making the best choice possible. Which is why choosing a major, and later on securing a job, tends to make many students […]

The Best Two Years Of Your life – Join the Peace Corps

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change” – Barbara Mikulski Do you have a heart for individuals in third world countries? At a loss for what to do after graduation? Consider becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer! What exactly is the Peace Corps? It is a volunteer program run by the […]