How do you find your calling? What is your purpose – the thing that you just know you were created to do?

Mark Dykema ’07

I recently sat down with Mark Dykema, a local business owner and 2007 Hope College grad. As a student, he had opportunities to reflect on his strengths through classes and conversations with his mentor, professor Steve Vanderveen. He recognized that from a young age, he developed a sense of drive and determination to work hard, and he wasn’t afraid to take risks. He worked as an intern at an insurance agency, and continued in that profession after graduation. But his entrepreneurial spirit continued to be strong, and he decided to take a leap of faith and become the Biggby Coffee franchise owner in the Holland/Zeeland area.
Mark’s business got off to a strong start, thanks to his grit and resolve to make it successful. Then, through a series of unexpected events, Mark found himself in a position to re-evaluate his life’s purpose. Take a few minutes to hear the rest of the story: 

Whether you are a student, family member, or one of our many alumni, I hope Mark’s story shows that it’s OK if you don’t have your life’s calling figured out while you are still in college. As you journey through your career, take time to reflect on your gifts and the path God has put you on. Take a step back and recognize how your calling is bigger than a certain profession. Mark discovered his calling to bring perpetual joy to others. How about you?

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