Hey First Year Students…We are here for you!

First year students, welcome to the family!
Our goal is to help each student discern, prepare and pursue their calling and career. Read on to find out five easy ways you can interact with our office from day one:
  1. Not sure what to major in? Make an appointment with Amy Freehafer, she can help you explore possibilities based on your career interests.
  2. Are you unsure what to do with your major? Not a problem! Check out our “What Can You Do With A Major In” section on our website, or come in and meet with a career counselor who can assist you in discerning which path is right for you.
  3. Start your resume! Meet with a career advisor to organize previous work experience in order to create a resume. You will learn how to add, format, and adjust your experiences – skills that will help you throughout your college career.
  4. Come in and learn how to four-year-plan. Not only does this help with future organization, but it provides comfort knowing that your four years at Hope will be completed according to plan.
  5. Begin networking early! Meet with Megan Scheldt who can help you with your LinkedIn account and teach you the importance of making connections with people in your intended field.

Ready to take action? Call our office at 616.395.7950 or use the new online scheduling feature on our website! We are excited to meet you and get you started with some great resources.


Hope Students Conquer Internships

Isn’t summer the best?  Ice cream, bonfires, picnics, the beach and warm temperatures!  Here at Hope many students are also spending their days participating in summer internships.  Take a peek at what a few students have been up to!

Kelly Arnold, Senior, Communication Major (Digital Marketing Focus)
Where have you been interning this summer? 
This summer, I’ve been working as a Digital Marketing Intern for Herman Miller. I work under our Senior Digital Product Manager who helps maintain Herman Miller’s digital offerings both in and outside the company such as Omni, our dealer intranet. I also help out all around our Digital Marketing team on a variety of projects.
A day in the life:
Includes sitting in on meetings, performing user acceptance testing for a soon-to-come website launch, and working to prepare the right documents and data to assist with website content and development. 
What have you learned?
I’ve learned a lot about the technical side of digital marketing, Also, as a Communication major, I’ve been dropped into the business world, which at first was a big learning curve but I’ve loved the challenge and the growth I’ve seen in myself since I began.

Share with us more about the internship program and culture

As far as the program itself, it’s been an experience rich with opportunity. Everyone I’ve come in contact with has been friendly, kind, and excited to share their story with me about their career and their time with the company. One out of every four Herman Miller employees has been here for 20 years or more and this summer I’ve seen why. Employees are treated with care and respect and the work culture is just the best. From our intern project sponsor, to my company-assigned mentor, to my Work Team Leader (my boss), to others who I work with frequently, I truly feel that those around me have invested in me and genuinely care about my growth and professional success.

**Picture featured above: Kelly’s (fourth from the right) intern project group. Two group mates are also Hope students!

Amy Dkystra, Sophomore, Business Major and Leadership Minor

Where did you intern this summer? 

I was a claims intern at Broadspire in Lake Zurich, IL! Broadspire is a Third Party Administrator, which is a subsidiary of Crawford and Company. I personally handled claims for many companies such as Uber, Chipotle, Gordon Food Services, and Ecolab.
What did you learn from your internship?
I did not know what to expect of a role in the insurance industry, but learned many valuable lessons through my mentors and projects. Although my internship was mostly in adjusting worker’s compensation and commercial automotive/liability claims, I also was able to learn more about different roles within the company such as operations, carrier an relations.
What are other things you enjoyed about your internship?
My managers and co-workers took the time to get to know me personally, as well as answered any questions I had about the industry. I sincerely enjoyed my time at Broadspire, and would definitely consider an insurance position in the future!! 

Jarod Wolters, Senior, Business and Economics Major

How has your internship impacted you this summer? 

In my time at Haworth, I have seen first hand the value of my Liberal Arts education (Hear me out, because even as a senior I hadn’t fully invested in that idea). My role allowed me to apply techniques from within my major, but also from outside of it –  including Art and Communications. One major component of my role was data visualization, so having taken two Design courses helped my analysis carry an impact. Along those same lines, I presented out my findings to a team of my superiors, so knowing I had the skills to do so confidently was great!

What was something that surprised you?

One area that surprised me was the emphasis on StrengthsFinder within the company. Haworth has an Internal Development team that leads courses on it and they spent the better part of a day with the interns working through each of our results to see how we can leverage them in our day-to-day lives. Most of the other interns had not heard of the assessment before, so already having a bit of background going into the discussion was helpful. Oh, and three of my five skills changed from freshman year, which was kind of fun to see!

We know there are many more students having amazing experiences this summer and we want to hear all about them. Be sure to send us an email at internships@hope.edu to share your story. You might just find you will be our next feature!

Shaking Hands with Handshake

Are you a Hope College Student? Are you looking for an on campus job, internship or full-time work? Not sure where to get started?

Well, you have come to the right place. Handshake is a great way to see what opportunities are available in the area that you are interested in. It does not matter if you are a first-year student checking out Handshake for the first time, or if you are a senior getting ready to take on life after Hope. Handshake is a tool that students can use at any stage of their college career!

Check out these 5 easy steps to get started:

  1. Go to: hope.edu/handshake or click the link directly from the Boerigter Center’s homepage
  2. Login with your Hope College email under “Students”
  3. Answer the “Career Interest” questions Handshake asks you. Handshake will keep track of these along with your search habits and make recommendations!
  4. Go to your profile and fill out information about yourself. This is helpful because employers will be able to learn more about you and in some cases reach out to you directly!
  5. Go to the “Jobs” tab at the top of the page and filter the search results to what you are interested in
    • You can filter by: full-time, part-time, internship, location, industry, major, etc.

(Alums this tool is for you too! Follow the steps in the portal labeled “Alumni” from the Handshake website)

Handshake is an excellent resource to see what kind of opportunities are offered in your area and all over the country. Whether you are seeking a part-time babysitting job to make some extra cash, or if you are interested in jump starting your career, Handshake can help connect you to the possibilities that lie ahead.



Q & A with our new leader Shonn Colbrunn ’94

Meet our new Executive Director, Shonn Colbrunn!

If you have not already heard the news the Career Development Center is no more! We have combined our efforts with Alumni and Family Engagement as well as Academic Advising to form the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career.

Shonn Colbrunn ’94 is leading the charge as the first Executive Director of the Boerigter Center and he is thrilled to be back at Hope College!

Shonn answers 10 questions to help us all learn more about him:

  1. Why did you want to apply for this position at Hope College?

    “It seemed like an opportunity to make a lasting impact at an institution that is close to my heart. I would not have applied for this position if it were at any other college.”

  2. What do you like to do in your free time?

    “I enjoy spending time with my family, boating and water sports, playing competitive beach volleyball and playing the bass guitar.”

  3. What is your favorite part about Hope College/Holland?

    “My favorite part about Holland is living in an area where people vacation in the summer; I love being close to Lake Michigan and the beautiful summers here.”

  4. One Shonn Colbrunn fun fact:

    “I am a father of sixteen-year-old triplets: two boys and one girl.”

  5. If you could have dinner with one person in history, who would it be and why?

    “I have always been really fascinated by genealogy and family research. I would love to sit down and talk to my great-great-great-grandfather who came from Germany in 1848 and moved to Ohio.”

  6. What is your favorite quote?

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ Leonardo da Vinci.    So many things can become complex and complicated, and I like to take complicated things and make them easier.

  7. If you could travel to any country on earth, where would you go?

    “There are so many places I would like to go.  I really enjoy historical sites, so I think it would be fun to explore Greece, Rome, and other interesting places in that area.”

  8. You are a contestant on American Idol – which song do you sing?

    “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling’ by the Righteous Brothers. When I was a student at Hope College, my buddy Durwood and I sang that song at a karaoke night!”

  9. Who do you admire the most and why?

    “My dad. I have learned so much from him, and he has so many great qualities. He is very patient, positive and can fix anything!”

  10. What are you looking forward to the most about working at the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career?

    “I am looking forward to helping all students become more successful and building stronger connections as we begin our new chapter at the Boerigter Center.”

Here at the Boerigter Center, we truly care about getting to know the students that we work with. We hope this little bit of insight into our new leader  encourages students throughout campus to come check out the BCCC for themselves!

Open Office Design: a new reality for the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career

The new Boerigter Center for Calling and Career, launching this fall, is making a bold statement about the intentional design of work space on Hope’s campus. We’re adopting a work-space model that is not very common on college campuses today, but is known to foster greater collaboration and innovation. The staff and students of the new Boerigter Center will be working in an open-plan office rather than in private offices. The new space in DeWitt, currently under construction and opening in September, will combine a spacious, welcoming lobby with different types of seating for study, conversation and small 4-6 person meetings, with 6 small meeting rooms for private conversations, and an open-plan work area for about 10-15 staff and students. No one working in the Boerigter Center will have their own office, but everyone will have access to quiet, private spaces for deep thinking, conversations and meetings, when needed. Why are we moving to an open-plan office?

  1. The space of work has changed

Open-plan offices have been around for decades and have been adopted by many leading companies including Google and Facebook because this office plan provides faster flow of information, leading to more collaboration, enhanced innovation and more efficient use of space. Many Hope graduates land jobs at employers that have adapted the open-plan office, and yet, students have primarily experienced a campus environment where faculty and staff work in private offices. We’ve intentionally designed the new Boerigter Center to be an on-campus model of a work-space that students may experience when they land their first job.

  1. Collaborating more to serve students better

The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career is bringing together staff from the former Career Development Center together with Advising, and Alumni and Family Engagement staff, to work together in more connected and integrated ways. We plan to use the open office space to host alumni and employers for information panels, interviews and other sessions designed to help students be better prepared for work. The center will have moveable furniture in the open lobby that we can reconfigure for a reception or panel discussion with alumni, as well as many small meeting rooms for interviews.

  1. Flexible spaces serve students better

Students will come to the Boerigter Center for many reasons: to talk with a staff member about their strengths, their major, their resume, landing an internship, networking, interviewing and so much more. Students may come to meet 1-on-1, or they may come to a group session or workshop. We’re designing spaces with lots of flexibility to accommodate many types of conversations and explorations. Come have a cup of coffee at one of our high-top tables to review your resume, or to prepare for an upcoming interview, or to meet with an employer about an internship. We’re going to have many places for students, faculty, staff, alumni and employers to study, mingle, talk and learn so once those construction walls are down and the space is open, make a point to stop by for a visit.

Come September, we’ll be eager to show off the new space as we work with students to help them discern their calling and prepare for their careers. Helping students experience the cycle of  discern, prepare, pursue is how we’re hoping to engage with and serve students. And, when you stop by for a visit, ask us what we’ve learned about working together in the new open-office space, I’m sure we’ll have lots to share.

We are…The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career!

One of the most challenging things that college students have to do is choose a career path. There are lots of options out there and many feel the pressure to ensure they are making the best choice possible. Which is why choosing a major, and later on securing a job, tends to make many students anxious. Enter…The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career, Hope College’s new and improved hub for all things career! 

The principal goal of the Boerigter Center is to teach students how to engage in lifelong practices of career development by emphasizing discernment, preparation and pursuit.

Students will:

(Discern) Take steps to discover their strengths, interests, and values to help them find direction.

(Prepare) Find internships, alumni connections and other skill building opportunities to explore their path on and off campus.

(Pursue) Tap into the Hope network, polish their interviewing skills and take steps toward graduate school or the world of work.

We will accomplish this by renaming and re-imagining the efforts of our Career Development Center and closely partnering with Academic Advising and Alumni & Family Engagement for new and robust programming. With this in mind, Boerigter Center services will enable every student to graduate with:

  • A rich understanding of their strengths
  • Experiences in and outside the classroom directly connected to career preparation
  • An affirmed aspiration for an eventual career with clear, immediate next steps
  • A thoughtful understanding of vocational and life goals

Led by Executive Director Shonn Colbrunn ‘94, this new center is made possible by a generous gift from SoundOff Signal in honor of Founder and Chairman George Boerigter ’61 and his wife, Sibilla.

We are so excited to be up and running and look forward to meeting with you in our new location in DeWitt which will be completed sometime this fall! Until then stop by Anderson-Werkman or call 616.395.7950 to schedule an appointment today! 

Cheers to the seniors

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

With finals week almost over, warmer weather settling in and summer plans almost commencing we want to wish everyone good luck and farewell!  We wanted to thank the Career Advisors who are graduating this May and early next fall, for all their hard work and we appreciate the time and effort you put into working at the Career Development Center.

These were their final words of advice to those who still have time here at Hope College:


"What I love most about the CDC is the staff's interest and dedication to giving each and every student's career the best preparation possible. If you walk through our doors, you will without question walk away more prepared and confident about your career. My advice to Hope students and alumni is to get started on career development as early as possible - get an internship your freshman year! Start your resume before you move in! Work on a four year plan with our office when you decide on a major! Our office sets you up for success; there's no reason not to start that early. Above all, follow your goals, not what sounds easy. If you do this, when you get to senior year you'll still be enjoying your classes; you'll be disappointed to be leaving Hope; you'll be excited about where you're going. Don't let anyone convince you to choose a track you aren't passionate about - this is a time of exploration and discovery -- use it!!"


"I love the CDC because everyone is willing to help you out, whether it be with a resume, interview advice or networking to get a job, and the staff always meets you where you're at. Looking at careers can be stressful, but Career Development provides resources that provide assistance and give confidence to all students.                I highly suggest getting an internship within your field of study. This hands on experience will help direct your path after college and will guide which direction in your field of study you wish to take. Come into Career Development in order to clean up your resume and cover letter so you are ready to apply when opportunities arise!"


The Career Development Center is the place I started working at even before my first day of freshman year at Hope. The staff here are incredible-- their passion for students and their success is next level. This office meets people right where they’re at on their career and life path. Go to every event they offer! If I could give one piece of advice: find the mentors, professors, coaches and leaders that are willing to journey with you and sharpen you to be better tomorrow than you are today. Find the resources and services through the CDC that launch you into your calling and career. No matter what your path looks like, remember that you are an amazing individual who has been created to bring something great into the world.


"The CDC was one of the first places I went as a Freshman at Hope. I transferred in and wanted to make sure that everything was in order for me to graduate on time. I loved how welcoming everyone was and the access they provided to alumni and jobs. I started working in the office my sophomore year, and I loved everything about it. We provide head shots for people, mock interview practice, and tons of networking experience. I love that everything is there for the students and every one at the CDC will go out of their way to make sure you can get whatever help you need. My career advice to any Hope students is to start early—it will make all the difference. Even if you don’t know what a resume or cover letter is, it is never too early to start trying to figure things out or start looking for an internship or job."
"Over the past four years I have had a lot of involvement at the Career Development Center whether that was as a student seeking help, or as a career advisor helping students. What I have learned to appreciate is the great people who work here that are willing to go the extra mile to help you with a variety of subjects. Particularly I appreciate all the events the CDC hosts to bring alumni and recruiters on campus, so we as students can network and further our contacts for future job opportunities.  My advice to students is to take full advantage of the opportunities that CDC offers as early as you can in your college career."


"In my time at Hope, I have been so empowered by the work that is taking place here on campus, especially in the Career Development Center. In all transparency, I have changed my career path so many times. While this could potentially cause stress for a student, I felt both welcomed and supported in exploring all the things I was passionate about. As a freshman, I really utilized the Career Development Centers resources and figured out where I needed to be while at Hope. Because I loved the work and the full-time staff at the CDC so much, I was lucky enough to become a student employee and be apart of the mission to serve students in their vocational journey. What I love most about the Career Development Center is the way it really focuses on the student. The career counselors invest so much in the needs of every student to make sure they are equipped for Hope and beyond. Working at the CDC has also shown me how genuine this focus on the student is. As a staff, they pour into us to be able to pour into the students we get to work with. It has been such an incredible part of my time at Hope. A piece of advice I would give any student at Hope is just to take advantage of the resources here on campus. Not only the Career Development Center, but all of the other incredible offices that work on behalf of the student body. There are so many kind, helpful, and intelligent people waiting with their arms wide open to help. Never miss an opportunity because you're unsure or uncomfortable- be brave and remember that the faculty and staff are here for YOU! If it wasn't for my time with the Career Development Center, I'm not sure I would've ever understood this for myself. These four years are yours for the taking! Make the most of them and prepare yourself well for what comes next."

The Career Development Center would like to wish all the graduating seniors (and those graduating early next fall) good luck with all their future plans! You have all been great to work with and we will all miss you in the coming years.