Growing in the Real World with an Internship: Student Experiences

Looking for ways to build your resume and gain professional experience? An internship might be the best choice for you! Internships can prepare you for your career and life after college by letting you explore your interests. Many Hope students participate in experiential learning opportunities during the summer and during the school year. If you want to hear some of their stories, keep reading!

Jason Gomory is a senior majoring in Business and minoring in Leadership and Mathematics. He interned at Steelcase this summer and said about his experience that

“One of the most impactful learning experiences since being at Steelcase is, you must be passionate about the work that you are doing. This passion will help you in solving problems you don’t yet know how to solve. This passion will help to calm the nerves before walking into a meeting with senior leaders, and this passion will flow into your work and will lead you to excel as a member of any team you are apart of.”


Another senior who had a summer internship was Daniel Foy. He is majoring in Communications and interned at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. When asking about his experiences, Daniel responded saying

“My internship at BCBSM was challenging, rewarding, and fun. It was incredible to work collaboratively with other interns and professionals in the Corporate Communications Department. Throughout my time, I participated in projects and wrote blogs to share with others inside and outside of the corporation. It was great to be able to apply the concepts I have learned in my classes here at Hope to Corporate America. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity!”

With an internship you will not only build your resume, but also, like Jason and Daniel, you will be able to develop your skills, put class theory into practice, and grow professionally. If you have any further questions about internships or need help with the search process, please explore the Boerigter Center for Calling Career’s website and click on the “prepare” section and/or stop by the Boerigter Center’s office located in DeWitt.


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