The total amount raised for Helen Devos’ Children’s Hospital: $256,323.13!

For the 17th year in a row, Hope College has put on an amazing event called Dance Marathon: standing and dancing on your feet for 24 hours to raise money for the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. The miracle families that come hang out during the first couple of hours make the long and difficult 24 hours worth it. The teams that dance together truly love getting to know their miracle child. For Delta Phi, our miracle child is Greta. Over the past couple of years, we’ve loved getting to know her and being able to see her year after year.

Delphis posing with Greta and her family.

Not only do we get to see her at Dance Marathon, but we also see her at the fundraisers we host and other times throughout the year. The connection with Greta goes far beyond just the one time of the year. This event is about so much more than standing on your feet to raise money. Dance Marathon changes the lives of not only the miracle families, but everyone who participates in it as well. As I looked around the gym, I couldn’t help but be overcome with emotion. So many lives are going to be changed because of the servants hearts that are instilled in Hope College students. In a world that glorifies selfish worldly values and material possessions, I watched 976 college students dance with joy. I could not have been more thankful.

Dance Marathon is yet again another reminder of why I’m so blessed to attend Hope College and live in this community. The presence of the Lord and His good works are visible every day, and for that, I am beyond grateful.

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