Building a Life

Rose (Summer)What makes a place feel like home? 

It’s 5:00PM and as I walk out of the Alumni Office at Hope College, I’m rushing to get to my 5:15PM workout class. There’s construction, so I know I’ll have to take a few back roads. My mind is on auto-pilot while driving and once I arrive at my gym, I set out the necessary equipment and sweat for the next hour. The class finishes and I hurry home to put the chicken that I’ve been wanting to cook all day in the oven. My housemates are already there, singing along to the music in the kitchen while cooking. We discuss our days and laugh about the embarrassing events that occurred. After that, we decide to watch the sunset at Holland State Park before bed time. Driving to the beach, blasting “Uptown Girls” by Billy Joel, my heart is filled with happiness and I can’t help but beam with joy. By 10:30PM, I am reading Jesus Calling and crawling into my comfortable bed. With a few minor tweaks, this is how my day usually goes.

So why did I just tell you my daily routine?

Because I’ve built a life without even realizing it. I’ve made a place my home and set a beneficial routine. And I think that this is such an important step in a college student’s life. This life didn’t simply pop into existence by accident. This life took planning and intentional steps. I am developing my emotional, physical, and spiritual state each day. The friends that I surround myself with, the workouts that I (sometimes force) myself to go to, and my walk with the Lord take importance in my life. And it feels really, really good.

Maybe this is what everyone calls ‘adulting’.

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