Lunch & Learn Recap: Career Support for Alumni

You don’t need us to tell you that the job market isn’t what it was a month or two ago. Much has changed. However, the commitment of the Hope College Alumni Association to walk alongside you remains the same. This includes steps on your journey that navigate career shifts and professional growth. In continued partnership with the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career, we recently hosted two Lunch & Learn webinars to assist in staying up-to-date and consistently hirable. If you missed the live webinars, check out the recordings below and connect with us at with questions or additional requests for support.

The Job Market & Networking

The first Lunch & Learn included an update on the job market, as well as reports gathered from HR professionals and employers in Hope’s network. It also provided an overview of what you can do to stay relevant in an evolving workforce.

Résumés, Cover Letters, and Virtual Platforms

The second Lunch & Learn focused on sprucing up your résumé. Our content experts used examples and research to help you prepare for when new opportunities come knocking.

  • Construct a résumé so your skills and experiences jump off the page
  • Tips to transform your cover letter into a powerful story of success 
  • Virtual platforms like LinkedIn and The Hope College Connection

The Hope College Connection

The Hope College Connection is a new online resource to connect Hope alumni, families, friends and current students for networking and experiential learning opportunities. If you haven’t activated your account yet, it is a great step you can take toward building your professional network while giving back to current students. Over 2,000 alumni have already joined and the platform now includes additional ways alumni can support students with needs arising from the current pandemic. You can also read more about one student’s experience finding mentors that matter.  

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