WOW! The Kletz Garage Sale was a HIT! Most items were sold out within 24 HOURS. That’s amazing!

When we first came up with the idea of a Kletz Garage Sale, we weren’t sure how it would go. Some of us were convinced we’d see an outpouring of interest while some thought it would be a slower trickle. <ENTER AWESOME ALUMNI WHO LOVE HOPE COLLEGE> Clearly, memories of the Kletz hold special places in the hearts of many because “outpouring” ended up being an understatement!

One of the best parts of the sale is getting to meet the alumni and friends of Hope who purchased items. We asked everyone to tell us a little more about where the items would be heading. Many people have a specific spot in mind for their Kletz memorabilia and others aren’t quite sure where it will end up – but they just had to have that special item! 

We met Wayne ’96 and Jennifer ’99 Barrett who were purchasing chairs for their family campground on the east side of the state. They drove over, loaded up their items and drove home. Fun fact: they met at Hope!

We also met Gregory Daniels ’73 who purchased a booth and a table (with an intentional missing corner). His sister sat in the Kletz booths when she was at Hope, he sat in the Kletz booths when he was at Hope and his daughter and son-in-law both sat in the Kletz booths when they were at Hope! Now that’s generational! Note: they did flip the table over and tied everything down before they drove home.

This sale was a fun project for our office and an amazing way to interact with alumni! It also proves that alumni of Hope LOVE Hope College! We truly believe we have the best alumni! This sale helps prove that theory!


All funds will go towards creating an Alumni Lounge within the renovated Kletz space, which will continue the legacy of the Kletz being a space for meaningful connection.


The lower level of DeWitt is being transformed to house an innovative and collaborative space which will house the Office of Alumni and Family Engagement, The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career, and The Center for Leadership. The future is bright for that space and we are looking forward to all the opportunities it will provide students and alumni alike!

For more information on the renovation, please see this blogpost.

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