Though it has only been 6 years since his graduation, Adam Maley ’13 is already conducting groundbreaking research that could save the lives of many. Having received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of California, Irvine, Maley is now a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Pathology Department at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He is currently working “to develop a point-of-care digital ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) instrument that can count individual protein biomarkers for early disease detection.” Maley is currently working on developing this technology to detect diseases in infants as early as possible.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, Maley was first interested in research during his time at Hope College. Throughout his 4 years at Hope, Adam worked on research with faculty members. The exposure to the scientific process early on in his education career gave Maley insight into what he wanted to do for a living and he fell in love with chemistry because it made so much sense to him. His relationships with professors, advisors and mentors while at Hope played a huge role is life and the discernment of his calling as well. Maley now has the opportunity to mentor and teach undergraduate students in his own lab and would like to one day work at a primarily undergraduate institution where he can mentor students.

“Having the opportunity to conduct original research as an undergraduate was instrumental to my career. I went into graduate school knowing what scientific research is, and how to communicate my research through presentations and writing. Many of the General Education courses I took at Hope included writing, which also helped me to become a better scientific writer.”

When Maley was not in the lab at Hope, he was participating in a wide variety of co-curricular activities around campus. Maley was a leader on campus in his role as an RA. He also served on Spring Break Immersion trips during his spring breaks. At the 10 Under 10 Young Alumni Panel, Maley shared how he was grateful for Hope College and the liberal arts education it gave him. He had the opportunity to take organ lessons while at Hope. Though at first he was nervous, he soon loved when he could sneak away from the lab to get in some practice time. He reported that playing the organ challenged his mind in ways that it had never been before. He has taken those skills he has learned from his liberal arts education with him in his career.

Adam Maley ’13 receives the 10 Under 10 Award from Donna Sova, Chemistry Office Manager

Hope College is proud to give Adam Maley the 2019 10 Under 10 Award. The “10 Under 10 Awards” honor emerging leaders who are making significant contributions by living out their callings; engaged in the local and global community through professional and/or volunteer involvement; and use their education to think about important issues with wisdom and clarity, communicate effectively to bridge boundaries that divide human communities and act as agents of hope living faithfully into their vocations. Designed for alumni who are within 10 years of graduation, they are presented by the Hope College Alumni Association. Make a nomination today!

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