Disability Services

Disability Services has reorganized and is now a part of the Academic Success Center (ASC) located in Van Zoeren 261. The ASC’s Jeanne Lindell and Carrie Dattels approve reasonable accommodations and provide disability related supports for the entire campus community. The following information is being shared as a resource for faculty, staff, and anyone who may find it useful:

Reasonable accommodations may be identified in:

  • Academics
  • Dining
  • Housing
  • Transportation


The roles of Disability Services:

  • To verify a disability and review the need for the requested accommodation. This interactive process may include reviewing third-party medical or psycho-educational documentation. All records will be considered confidential and housed in Disability Services.
  • To identify resources and various ways students can seek access to campus programs, services, and academics.
  • To approve reasonable accommodations and facilitate with appropriate campus partners.


When to refer to Disability Services:

  • If a student has self-identified as a person with a disability and is experiencing barriers.
  • If a student would like to seek reasonable accommodations proactively.
  • If a student has a temporary disability and is experiencing barriers.

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