ASC Study Tip- It’s not too late to get a tutor!

The Academic Success Center (ASC) will continue to take requests to get a tutor until April 12. Please see the ASC website for how to apply and typical courses tutored. If you had a tutor last semester you will only need to fill out an on-line request and an application will be emailed to you! If you did not have a tutor last semester you will need to complete an application and bring it to the ASC to make an appointment to receive information about tutoring expectations and your tutor’s contact information. It’s not too late! A tutor can still make a difference!

ASC is Hiring Tutors for Fall 2019

The ASC is taking recommendations from professors for tutors in their disciplines. If interested in becoming a tutor for the ASC, please contact a professor and have them send a recommendation to the Recommendations will be gathered through next week (3/22) and information meetings will be presented following Spring Break. The ASC usually hires between 50- 70 new tutors! The position is very flexible with a minimal number of hours a week required. Please see the ASC website to see if you qualify and ask a professor for a recommendation!


Midterm grades come out this week. Didn’t do as well as you’d like? Want to improve your grade? Just want to have a group to review and learn with?

Get an ASC Tutor! We will be hosting information sessions to get a tutor through next week, March 7. Meetings are Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:00 and 12:30 or Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 and 11:30 in VanZoeren 299. You only need to attend one or you can schedule an individual appointment in the ASC office. We will continue to take appointments through April 12. Although the sooner you apply the better!

The ASC also offers one time appointments (or multiple) to discuss study and test taking strategies. Contact our office if you would like to meet with one of us!

All ASC services are FREE!


1. Divide up your time.

• Spend Time Studying for the Exams that Carry the Most Weight.

• Focus Your Time on Difficult Classes – spend the majority of your time on the classes where your grade is borderline.

2. Stay alert.

• Get a good night’s SLEEP! Your brain can’t function properly without 7-8 hours sleep a night.

• Run stairs or do some jumping-jacks. Exercise gets blood flowing and increases your alertness.

• It has been proven that the smell of cinnamon and peppermint can help you stay alert. So chew on some gum if you’re feeling worn out.

3. Remember what you study.

• Recite, recite, recite! Recitation will burn facts into your mind. Recite the material out loud until you’re sure that you will be able to recall it.

4. Study selectively.

• Decide which information is most important and concentrate on it. Resist the temptation to try and learn all of the important-looking material.

• As you go through your notes and textbook find important definitions, concepts and equations. Write them down on 3” X 5” note cards. This will help you identify what you need to know, and you’ll have a handy set of flash cards. The process of rewriting may also help you memorize the content.

5. Eat a good breakfast.

• Eat a good breakfast the morning of the exam. Nutritious foods will keep your nerves steady and your brain engaged.

Need help/encouragement? Stop by the Academic Success Center in VanZoeren 261 for your personalized study session and a free deck of ASC Final Exam Study Strategies cards.



  1. Ask Questions!
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up in class. There’s a good chance that at least one other person doesn’t get it, either.
  • Use your prof’s office hours or schedule an appointment. Make a list of your questions and bring it with you. Record the answers on your list!
  1. Make a Study Guide
  • Put the information into your own words. This helps you retain it.
  • Create flashcards. Use the Quizlet app on your phone to create flashcards and quizzes.
  1. Arrange or Join a Study Group
  • It will help  you look at topics from different perspectives and you might even discover more effective study tips.
  1. Adjust Your Schedule
  • Form a study schedule, and stick to it. If your friend invites you on a Meijer run, remember to trade an equivalent amount of break time elsewhere in your schedule for study time.
  • You’ll be more productive if you include brief (10-15 minutes) study breaks every 1-2 hours. Do something entirely different during that time (e.g. going for a walk, run, or meeting a friend for a quick snack).
  1. Get Out of Your Dorm Room
  • The absolute worst place to study is on your bed. Even if you are at your desk, you can’t help but see your bed and be drawn in, or have a neighbor distract you.
  • Instead, take your headphones and study materials to the library or nearby café with free Wi-Fi and good coffee.
  • Don’t wait until the night before your exam to pack your brain with dates, statistics, and formulas. Pulling all-nighters can actually strain your brain.

Need help/encouragement? Stop by the Academic Success Center in VanZoeren 261 for your personalized study session and a free deck of ASC Final Exam Study Strategies cards.

One Week Left to get an ASC Tutor!

The last date that the ASC will accept applications for a tutor is Monday, November 19. If you would like to be matched with a tutor (for most 100 & 200 level courses) please stop by the ASC (261 VanZoeren Hall) by 5:00pm Monday, November 19. A printable application and further information can be found on the ASC website.