Life After Midterm Grades

Midterm grades are up (and in case you weren’t aware, you’ll find yours at your plus.hope account). So now what?

First, if you’re a new student, be aware that these grades are not “official.” Unlike some high schools’ first- or third-quarter grades, they will not factor into your final semester grades or appear on your transcript in any way. In fact, at some point, they will mysteriously disappear altogether.

Second, they may simply reflect how you already know you are doing in your classes, and if that’s “well,” well, you just got affirmed! But if not so well, now you know your profs agree, and you need to get moving.

Midterm grades can cue you to head off

oblivious non-performance at the pass.

Third, they may surprise you. If positively, congrats! But if negatively, now you know you need to check in with your profs to find out what’s going on (though maybe re-read your syllabi first, in case the answers are amazingly there!). Midterm grades can cue you to head off oblivious non-performance at the pass. And usually it’s not too late to do so. So DO so!

By the way, professors truly want their students to succeed, and it’s even in their job description to help. Yes, it might feel intimidating, but set up a meeting with them to discuss how you can get yourself back on track. It will also be good PR and make the next time seem less scary. (Guaranteed, there will be next times!)

Here are a few more next steps to try:

► If you haven’t been, start going to every class, F2F or virtually, like it’s your job, which it is!

► Get organized, and manage your time. Get help with this if you need to, like from a peer academic coach, which you can arrange through the Academic Success Center.

► Turn in all assignments, no matter what. If you don’t understand one, ask—a friend, a classmate, the T.A., your tutor, your prof, your astrophysicist aunt. One of the main reasons why students procrastinate on homework is that they don’t understand what they’re supposed to do. Find out, and do. (Another reason is that they’re not particularly interested, for which there are also solutions. Ask.)

► Look into the various kinds of FREE help you can receive through the Academic Success Center, including course-content tutoring, group study for certain subjects, peer academic coaching, study-skills tutoring, and student resources you can use all on your own and are clickable at the ASC website. And if you don’t know what you need or where to start, just email, and we’ll answer your questions.

If doing well in college matters to you, there ARE ways to help yourself do it. Ask.

ASC Study Tip- LOTS of FREE Resources on campus!

Review & Reflect Regularly- What’s working? What’s not? Make a plan to adjust.

Don’t wait until you are doing poorly to seek out help- seek out resources before it’s too late to turn things around!

Many FREE resources are available to you:

Your professors and academic advisor

Your RA and/or RD

Academic Success Center

Tutoring Services

Group Study Sessions

Peer Academic Coaching and Study Strategy Assistance

Online Student Resources

Klooster Writing Center

Disability and Accessibility Resources

Counseling and Psychological Services

Boerigter Center for Calling and Career

ASC offers limited tutoring for May Term

The Academic Success Center will have limited remote tutoring for May Term. Tutoring will take place through Google Hangouts Meet. Please visit the ASC website for information and the application to request a tutor. Applications for May Term tutoring will be accepted through May 18. Please email the if you are interested in other ASC services. All ASC services are FREE.

Academic Success Center is Hiring Tutors for Fall 2020

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is currently hiring peer tutors for the fall semester. If you are interested, please review the qualifications on the application by using the “Become a tutor” link on the ASC Website/ Tutoring. Tutors must have a 3.0 GPA and submit names of professors who would recommend them. No experience is necessary, but a desire to help your peers and be a positive role model is essential. STEM tutors are in the most demand! Please complete your application by May 15. Suzette Staal, coordinator of tutoring services, will review your  application and email follow-up steps.

The ASC wishes everyone a strong finish to this semester!

Do you need a tutor for your remote classes?

The Academic Success Center is still assigning tutors for most 100 & 200 level courses! The required information and expectation session is now embedded into our application- just indicate you still need it and you will be directed to the required info. We will accept applications until Monday, April 6. Please see the ASC website/ tutoring for information and to apply.

Help Sessions for many courses are also being offered remotely. Please check with your professors for current and accurate information. Math Lab has the same schedule and can be accessed through Google Hangouts Meet. The ASC website/group study opportunities has remote help session information as well as the links to the Math Lab and a few other Google Hangouts.

Academic coaches and study strategy help can still be requested as well. Please contact David James as for these services.

The ASC is still here for you! Please let us know how we can help! If you have questions or other academic support needs please email us at We pray you are all healthy and adjusting well to this new learning situation.

Now easier to apply for an ASC tutor!

The Academic Success Center (ASC) has made it easier to apply for a tutor! A tutoring information and expectations meeting is required only once a year. If you had a tutor Fall 2019, you can apply right on the ASC website. If you did not have a tutor Fall 2019, you will need to attend an information session (repeatedly offered: M at 12:15pm in VZN 276, T/TR at 11:15am in VZN 299) or contact our office to make an individual appointment with our staff.

The ASC has tutors for most 100 & 200 level courses. You can also make a one time appointment for almost anything study skills related: how to take notes, study for tests, read academic materials, etc.

The ASC is here to help you! All our services are FREE!

ASC Applications to get a tutor accepted Wednesday 1/15/20

The ASC will begin to take requests for tutors on Wednesday January 15, 2020. Please see the ASC website on how to apply for a tutor. If you had a tutor Fall 2019 you can fill out an online “returning tutee” request. If you did not have a tutor during the Fall 2019 semester you will have to attend an information session. You can either complete an application and set up an individual appointment at the ASC (VanZoeren 270) or attend a group information session. Group information sessions are offered:

Mondays at 12:15am in VanZoeren 276

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:15am in VanZoeren 299

Group sessions usually have a faster response rate and all further information will be delivered via email.

Please note we cannot guarantee placement and typically only supply tutors for 100 & 200 level courses but you are still encouraged to contact the ASC to make your request!

News From the ASC

Wednesday November 20, 2019 is the last day to apply for an ASC tutor. It’s not too late! Stop by the ASC to fill out an application or print, fill it out and stop by our office to set up an appointment to receive your tutoring information. You must drop off your application and set up your appointment by 5:00pm Wednesday 11/20/19.

Please join us Wednesday, November 20 for our De-Cram Your Exams workshop from 5:30- 6:30pm in Maas Conference. Feel free to bring over your dinner! If you can’t make the workshop you can make an appointment with as ASC staff member to get the information and worksheets.

The ASC is here to help! Please connect with us to see how we can partner with you for your academic success.

All our services are FREE!

Tutoring Slots are Filling up!

The ASC has been assigning a lot of tutors! Some courses are getting close to filling and wait lists will have to be started. If you are considering applying for a tutor we encourage you to do so soon! You can work with a tutor once or the entire semester! The best way to determine if you are interested in having a tutor is to attend an information session- and then applying is easy on line! The Information sessions to get a tutor are offered M/W at 12:00 & 12:30 in VZN 298 and T/TR at 11:00 & 11:30 BSC 004. Alternatively, you can stop by our office to set up an individual appointment. Check the ASC website for more information and helpful resources!