Next up in our series, we have Nancy Gately. Nancy is a fifth-year senior majoring in English for Secondary Education with minors in History for Secondary Education, K-12 English as a Second Language, and Women’s and Gender Studies. Nancy is also a Holland native and is a fan of a good cup of coffee. 

Q and A with Nancy:

What’s your role on the Big Read team?

 I have been working for the Big Read for two years now, and my role can be described as anything and everything having to do with libraries and non-profits. I’m the point of contact for libraries and non-profit organizations. In the summer, I ensure they still want to participate in the program. In the fall, I finalize the events that the libraries and non-profits are hosting, and in the winter, I gather the attendance information for all events. 

What did you learn from the program?

Through my role, I have learned the importance of a good email. Being the point of contact for so many libraries and non-profits has made it so that I am sending many emails throughout the day and answering many emails. Though by sending good emails, specifically, those that are clear, to the point, but also kind, make it so all the people I am in contact with know what is going on, and I can build a good relationship with them so that the Big Read can keep as many library and non-profit partners as possible. 

What’s your favorite book (and why)?

I have many favorite books. While it is not really a book one author that I always find myself coming back to, and would consider a favorite is John Grisham. I love the court scenes that he writes and how the pace of his books is fast, yet the storyline is not that predictable. 

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