We’re starting a new series to feature all of our workers behind the scenes that make the Big Read and Little Read Lakeshore happen. Come back each Monday to learn more about our team members, what they learned from working for the program, and their favorite books!

Introducing Addie Wilcox

Addie is a sophomore at Hope College majoring in Secondary English Education, Creative Writing, and Classical Studies.

Q&A with Addie

What’s your role on the Big Read team?

This year, I was responsible for all things Greek mythology. This meant that I worked a lot with the podcast by getting interviewees, coming up with the questions for the podcast, and also editing it. I helped at all the events by taking pictures, introducing speakers like our kick-off speaker Dr. Maiullo, getting speakers ready, running around with a mic for audience members to ask questions, etc. Additionally, I wrote multiple blog posts relating to Greek mythology and even one Op Ed for the Holland Sentinel. If you saw any poster for the Big Read and Little Read events, I created those as well!

What did you learn from the program?

 I thought I had a pretty firm grasp on Greek mythology before, but after hearing each interviewee on the podcast, I learned so much more about it as well as how Greek mythology transfers to, and informs, modern society. Throughout the program, I was forced to think about the historical context of different Greek myths which is something I had not considered before, so my grasp on ancient history improved. I also learned how to create, produce, and edit a podcast which is something I had never been exposed to before.  

What’s your favorite book (and why)?

My favorite book is The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I love how the main characters are female victims of a patriarchal society who come up with a way to combat the system and decide to live the life they want despite the consequences. I also love Hawthorne’s use of motifs and symbolism throughout the book. 

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