Shelly has been with Hope College since 2003. Her main role is the office manager for the Center for Ministry Studies. She earned a second post-secondary degree in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree from Hope majoring in history with an art history minor. 

What’s your role on the Big Read team?

Shelly began working part-time with Big Read Lakeshore in 2017 providing administrative support and now works primarily with budgetary details.

What did you learn from the program?

Even though the basics of carrying out the program is the same, each year is very different from the previous. All the hard work is worth it in the end when you learn so much more beyond the pages of each book through speakers’ stories and artistic interpretations. The written word comes alive, reaching out in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

What’s your favorite book (and why)?

She has many favorite books, but most recently it was a Big Read selection, Station Eleven, read prior to the COVID pandemic.

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