Green Commute Week 2020

The annual Green Commute Week hosted by the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council is an excellent opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to try out a greener commute option (and be entered into a drawing for prizes).

We hope you’ll join our continuing efforts to create a more sustainable campus by participating in this year’s program. Be sure you register with your email address so we can track the collective participation. Tag us in your fun green commuting photos too! Contact: Michelle Gibbs if you have any questions

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Green Commute Week 2020 will take place October 5-9. The event will look a little different this year, with the commute challenge focusing on active and socially distant forms of green transportation. This includes walking, biking, telecommuting, driving a fully electric vehicle, or any other form of green transportation that involves physical activity (rollerblading, long boarding, skateboarding, etc.). All types of trips are encouraged, whether they are to and from a destination like work or school, or simply recreational.

How It Works:

There will be five commute categories:

Electric Vehicles
Other – Any other form of green transportation (rollerblading, long boarding, skateboarding, etc.)

Trip and Mileage Logging

Log each commute trip throughout the week, including miles and mode on the MACC website. Each trip should be entered individually.

Participation and Prizes

This year’s commute challenge is based on participation. At the end of the week, there will be a random drawing for $50 West Coast Cash within each commute mode category.

Each trip logged = one entry in the corresponding mode category. The more trips recorded and the more modes you choose, the higher your chances are of winning.

Example: If you log three trips by bike and four trips by skateboard, you will be entered three times into the bike category and four times into the “other” category.

The trip tracking form will close at noon on Saturday, October 10th, to allow Friday’s commutes to be logged. The winner in each category will be announced on Monday, October 12th.