At the start of 2021, a national survey revealed that nearly 84% of adults have reported experiencing at least one emotion associated with prolonged stress. Prolonged stress disrupts the balance of a healthy mind and body. This month, learn methods to help manage your stress and how something as simple as laughter can provide lasting benefits to your body, mind, and soul!

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The Tree Hugger Challenge invites you to enjoy nature for 300 minutes over the next 30 days (this averages to 10 minutes a day).  Choose something that YOU enjoy doing each day such as enjoying lunch at the park, taking a hike, walking a trail or enjoying a sunset over lake MI! This is on the wellness portal ( – if you are not on the wellness portal please email Kathryn ( and she will send you a registration link! 


Throughout April (in place of a try it before you buy it)

April 22th is dedicated as earth day each April.  However, due to Covid we are opting to avoid a large group gathering to join forces to keep the environment clean on one specific day and instead shift the focus to April as Environmental Awareness month! This April we want to encourage (and challenge) everyone to get outside, enjoy nature, get exercise and aid to beautify the community/nature while doing it (this would count towards the above challenge minutes, too!). 

Starting on April 1st bags, gloves, and local park maps will be available in the lobby in front of Human Resources.  There will also be a sign up sheet for a drawing for an Ottawa County Parks pass for individuals who are participating in this endeavor.  The drawing will take place on May 1st. 

Kathryn J. Mock, MBA RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Client Services Manager