Wilderness Sabbatical: My Saturday Excursion

I woke up at 8:00 AM this past Saturday, and I quickly realized I had nothing to do. I had homework, of course, but I have a personal rule of never doing homework on Saturdays, so I hopped in the shower and rode my bike down to the local Farmers Market.

I expected the trip to take about an hour, but when I was riding back, I realized it had only been 45 minutes since I woke up. I started to get anxious, “What am I going to do, It’s only 8:45?” I thought to myself.

I looked down at my phone to change the song that was playing, I looked up, I looked down at my bike, and I saw the light. “I’ll ride my bike to Holland State Park!” I mentally shouted. I┬árode home as fast as I could and I grabbed my camera, my PlayStation Vita and of course my wallet and I was on my way.


I rode down to CVS and grabbed some candy and an Arnold Palmer, and my next stop was Howard B. Dunton park on Douglas on the shore of Lake Macatawa. I drank my drink, blasted Anamanaguchi, and cleared four missions in Velocity Ultra.

After a couple of hours I decided it was high time to get back on my way to the State Park, so I snapped a couple pictures and I was back on my way. Just past the Holland Airport, I saw a really cool looking house, so I stopped to take a few pictures of it.


I turned around to get back on my bike, and I noticed that there was a bridge over a tiny creek leading to a trail. I rode my bike forward and discovered one of the coolest trails I’ve ever ridden on. Luckily, the path went in the direction of the State Park, so when I came out at the end, I was even closer to my destination.


Ten minutes later, I had finally made it. I walked out to the end of the pier and got some of the best pictures I’ve taken since I got my camera. After taking more pictures than I could ever count, I checked my watch and realized it was almost 4:00 PM. I hopped back on my bike and traveled home.


As many fun things that there are to do on Hope’s campus, sometimes it can be fun to do some things in the surrounding area. Holland is a beautiful, and relatively safe area, so the boundaries of where you can go are practically endless. Even though my legs are definitely telling me not to explore so far every day, I can’t wait until the next time I get a completely open day to go on another adventure.

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