What We Really Need to Hear

I screw things up. I get anxious. Sometimes I feel alone.

Yes, I feel this way even at Hope College.


Hope is rooted in our name. I believe that we all have a hope for something great. To achieve something great. To do something great. To be something great. We’re told that this Hope will never fail us. But somewhere along the lines this Hope that we hold can grow foggy. What we once saw clearly in front of us, we no longer see. Life gets kinda bland. Or it just really sucks. And I guess that’s just how life goes sometimes.

I’m a junior at Hope. I’m really not that wise. I definitely don’t have all the answers to our problems in life. But I’m not really here to give answers or solutions. Just things I think we all need to hear. Especially when Hope is no longer in sight.

Our screw ups don’t define us.

Every day I screw up. Yesterday I gave a group of people the wrong directions, making them 30 minutes late to where they were going. Today I bombed a test. Tomorrow, I will probably sleep through my alarm. You get the point. I sure hope you screw up too. I think it is healthy. What the heck, have you ever met anyone who is pretty much perfect??? Yeah, me too. They’re boring. So don’t be perfect! Be you. And mess up. It makes life more interesting.

You only reach the summit if you keep on climbing.  

There’s the old saying, “if it was easy, everyone would do it.” Whoever said that was right. Quick story… I grew up with the goal and dream to play football in the NFL. Lofty, yes, but I was serious about it! That dream was crushed when I was 13 years old. I was told I needed brain surgery, and that I could never play football again. BUT, dreams don’t have to die, just change slightly. After recovering from surgery, I decided I would learn how to kick for the football team. I kid you not, I couldn’t kick a football further than 10 yards. But I kept on going. I spent countless hours learning how to kick a football. Sure enough, a year later I ended up starting my first ever game on varsity. Not as a linebacker, but as a kicker.  I tell you this so that you may be encouraged! You are right on the verge of achieving your dreams. It’s not easy, but keep on climbing. It’s worth it.

When confused, MOVE.

Decisions are hard. Especially in the first few years away at school. It has been so easy for me to get stuck in the middle of a decision, not knowing what to do. What I’ve learned… MOVE. Choose something. When you’re stuck, the right choice is the moving choice. What matters is that you’re moving forward. If you make the wrong choice, remember, screw ups don’t define you.

Alone? Someone else is too.

I know what it’s like to sit in Phelps alone. If I’m anything like you, there’s nothing worse than not knowing anyone in a sea of people. If you’re feeling like this, you’re not alone. There are others who feel the same way. Sometimes we just wish there was someone who acknowledged us. Let me challenge you… Be the person to acknowledge someone else. They won’t feel as alone anymore. Neither will you.

Believe in Jesus? You’re loved. Don’t believe in Jesus? You’re loved.

I see people who have faith. I see people who don’t. What I see is people. We are no different. Too often we put up a “faith filter” that distorts who people really are. I believe in Jesus. I would say that my life has been changed because of Him. But I am by no means any better than the person who doesn’t believe. I am loved by God. You are loved by God. You can’t do anything to change that. For those who don’t believe, it’s ok. For those who do believe, here is some food for thought… “What we do with our love is where we are in our faith.” –Bob Goff

Where are you at?



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