We Want Mike!

Although there are three Mikes that live on the second floor of Kollen 2 East, us girls of Kollen 1 West aren’t looking for any of them. Our real search is for a three foot tall, green, one-eyed Mike — Mike Wazowski.

It all begins about a week and a half ago when we celebrated another birthday on our floor (no cake this time… but a celebration just the same!). Her mom dropped off a giant “life-size” balloon of Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc. as a gift. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

As the story begins, Mike Wazowski was not quite small enough to live in a dorm room, so he began to live in our hallway (which, to be honest, was extremely creepy. If you were coming in after studying at 12am, seeing this green dude in the hallway was quite the shock.) Regardless, he became our 1st floor West mascot: we took our pictures with him, Skyped our families with him, and even set him outside each others’ doors as a morning greeting.

Then one day, the unthinkable happened: Mike went missing.

We searched and searched for him, but we did not have success in finding him. We were about to give up; but late one night, we saw a group of boys from Kollen 2 East returning him. As we asked them questions, they said they had found him laying around and “wanted to return him to his rightful place.” We accepted their answer and thanked them for returning him.

A few days passed, and Mike stayed happily in our hallway.

Then he went missing again.

We assumed the culprits were from the 2nd floor, so we searched top to bottom, asking anyone and everyone if they had seen him.

The rumors began to fly: he was deflated, lost his arms, shredded… the list goes on and on. The only rumor we could confirm that his arms, in fact, were missing. The 2nd floor RA said he saw them laying in the hallway floor earlier in the day.

We began to narrow down the suspects, then we went into action.

We made "Missing" signs that said we were looking for Mike and posted them throughout the second floor of Kollen 2 East.
We made “Missing” signs that said we were looking for Mike and posted them throughout the second floor of Kollen 2 East.

After we posted our “Missing” signs, we got one in return from the second floor…

It simply said Mike would not be returning.

Although we weren’t really crushed, we did miss our Mike Wazowski. We accepted their note back and “coped” that Mike was gone for good.

When we woke up the next morning, here’s what we found waiting for us in the hallway:

MIKE WAS BACK! Our excitement was endless.
MIKE WAS BACK! Our excitement was endless (note that his arms are, in fact, missing.)

There he was, standing in the hallway — armless, but not deflated. And he’s been here for about two days now, but we’ll have to wait and see how long he sticks around… who knows when and if the next search will begin. 🙂

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