The Return: Hope College Round 2

YAY! We’re all back at Hope and I am so excited for another year of awesome. It was a great summer, but there were a lot of facets of Hope that I missed dearly:

1. My FRIENDS. πŸ™‚

It was so strange to not be living with all the girls! There were a couple of visits here and there, but we never got a chance to get everyone in the same place at the same time.

2. JPs/LJs

You just can’t find the atmosphere that arises from JPs and LJs, especially at night. Though Traverse City just opened a new coffeeshop called Brew, it just didn’t cut it.

3. I missed the BEACH! Ok, you’re right. I’m from Traverse City… and we have much warmer water, but the Holland State Park is always a fun and relaxing way to spend the day.

4. The Gathering. Even listening to the chapel CDs isn’t enough.

5. Obviously, if you have been on Hope’s campus at all you will understand this one: Black Squirrels. There are only grey squirrels in Traverse City! Believe me, someday you’ll miss them too.

6. Spontaneity: College is about being weird, being crazy, not going to bed on time, trying new things outside your comfort zone, and meeting people with completely different cultural ideologies. Spontaneity=fun. 

7. Meal Plan. There is something to be said for prepared food that is speedy, tasty, and full of variety. I can’t cook/bake at all, so without Meal Plan I became a nomad, searching for food in every direction.

8. Independence. If you’re living at home for the summer, you have to remember that you have assumed the rules of the house once again. Mom and Dad need to know where you are, where you are going, who you’ll be with. Are you going out AGAIN?

9. Not driving my car. Gas is expensive. My car needs maintenance. πŸ™ I got so tired of driving 8 miles to work. Suddenly I had to plan ahead again instead of leaving my room with 5 minutes to get to class.

10. Academia: So, am I identifying myself as a geek right now? I missed school! I missed lab work; I missed camaraderie over coffee complaining about chemistry homework.

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Published by Amanda Porter

Hi! I'm Amanda. I'm from Traverse City, Mi and I'm a Junior Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major. I do research for the Fraley lab on the gut bacterial ecology of Pekin ducks and I work for the Chemistry department! Aspiring Neurosurgeon and LOVE to learn in all situations. Follow me on Twitter! @hopeamanda15