So Fresh (Dialogue with Myself)

Welcome back, Hope students! I hope your summer has been more than wonderful. It’s crazy to think that we are all back in this beautiful place, but even crazier to think that I’m a JUNIOR. Oh my. I’m not prepared for this.

Anyways, the glaring questions that I get around this time of the year is “How is the start to your semester?!” I love/hate this question because I love talking about my semester, but don’t have enough time to answer it in as much depth as I would like with the people that I talk to in passing! So here, on this very blog post, I am going to tell you all how I am really doing! Get ready to get an earful, because – *spoiler* – my semester is going great!! You all will get a little taste of how my semester is going so far in a little Q and A with myself. Original, I know.

Me: “Mikaila! How were the first few days of classes for you?”

Myself: “Well, Mikaila, I’m an English major if you didn’t know that, and I absolutely love that I went with that major. Last semester I didn’t take a lot of English classes because of my Business minor, but now that I’m a junior (what??) I am able to take more English classes, which I love love love. Creative Writing and Brit Lit are the classes I’m in and I can’t even express how much I love them. I sincerely hope that every person at Hope can find something they are passionate and thrilled about in the same way that I am about English. It is the most fulfilling feeling when you find something that you love to study and learn about, and I’m hoping that I can carry that over into my job once I graduate (again, what??).”

Once that form of small talk fizzles out, people usually ask about activities and such. Here we go.

Me: “So what activities are you involved in this semester? Anything fun?”

Myself: “Funny you should ask, Mikaila! I am actually involved in this really great student organization called Student Ambassadors and, even though it’s my first semester with them, I can already tell I’m going to love it. What do they do, you ask? They basically help the transition from Hope student to Hope alumni become a smooth one. They put on Homecoming and the Last Hurrah and it’s a group with awesome people. I love it! I am also involved with Nykerk. I am the Junior Treasurer on the Executive Board, and I’m excited to be so closely involved in such a rich tradition yet again this year! Nykerk is actually October 31st this year, so be sure to check it out! In addition to both of those activities, I was also an Orientation Assistant for Hope’s Orientation program for the freshmen just a week ago. It was an amazing experience and I will probably do it again. I loved being such a big part of the freshmen’s first taste of Hope! Thanks for asking!”

This is my friend and myself leading Orientation - one of the activities I was involved in at the beginning of the school year! It was a great experience.
This is my friend and myself leading Orientation – one of the activities I was involved in at the beginning of the school year! It was a great experience.

That is where the conversation-in-passing usually ends, give or take. Obviously I wish I could talk to everyone about my semester more in depth, so if you have anymore pressing questions about the start of my semester or how my summer’s been, let me know! I’m always up for coffee or a bagel. 🙂

It’s so good to be back writing for you, readers! Enjoy your semester and the end to this glorious summer!

Until next time!

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Published by Mikaila Bisson

Hi there! I'm a Hope Senior from Sterling Heights, Michigan (about 45 minutes North of Detroit). I'm an English major with a Creative Writing emphasis (fitting), and have a Business minor. I'm super active in Hope life. I am a Student Ambassador, the Senior Treasurer on the Executive Board of Nykerk, and was involved in Orientation as an AD. I also work on campus at the Career Development Center as a Career Advisor, and at Hope's Physical Plant. I love playing any kind of sport (soccer's my favorite!), have a weakness for shoes, eat dessert twice a day, read like its my job, am currently watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and have a passion for Golden Retrievers. Contact me at because I'd love to hear from any and everyone. Also feel free to follow my super trendy Instagram account at @miktroubleee or my equally as trendy, even more Hope-filled Twitter account at @hopemikaila17 .

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