Saturday Rocked

Hello again, Readers! I hope you are enjoying the last few hours of your weekend, and that these last few days have been treating you well! I’ve been itching to tell you all about my Saturday because it was the most beautiful one’s I’ve had in a while!

The first reason my Saturday was so interesting was because of a class I’m taking. I’m in a class called British Literature, and we are studying the great Romanticist writers, such as William Blake and William Wordsworth (and many more writers named William I’m sure). The main premise of Romanticism is to be in touch with nature. This was in reaction to the Industrial Revolution, which was just before the dawn of Romanticism. One of the projects required for this class is doing a project called “Being Romanticist” in which we have to basically set our own parameters for the project and decide how to best portray Romanticism in our everyday lives. We get to decide what it entails and how we get to carry it out. It’s very independent and open ended, so I decided to think outside the box. I decided that for my project, I would give up technology including my phone, laptop, and TV three times throughout the semester and journal about the things that happen in the absence of the technology. This comes out to be one day per month of no technology, and yesterday was the first day. It was amazing!!

So, luckily Hope is awesome and always has something going on during the day most Saturdays. Yesterday was no different. There is a ministry on Hope’s Campus called Delight that meets Fridays at 7am, but yesterday was their kickoff breakfast, so I got to go to that. It was an amazing morning full of pancakes, fruit, and Jesus and I didn’t miss my phone at all…except for when there were picture-taking opportunities. I love to take pictures so that was a struggle not having my phone on me to snap some pics. We did get one on someone else phone though! Here it is:

There were so many girls at Delight! It was wonderful to see so many girls on fire for God and willing to be vulnerable with each other.
There were so many girls at Delight! It was wonderful to see so many girls on fire for God and willing to be vulnerable with each other.

The rest of the day was just as magical! A few of my friends and I went over to Saugatuck for the afternoon and did a little shopping, lunching, and hiking. Once again, the only time I missed my phone was when there was a picture-taking opportunity, but being with friends always puts you in your own little world and you kind of forget everything else anyways. A quick stop to Michaels for some decorations for our house rounded out the evening and that was that! During the evening was a little more challenging because I listen to music A LOT and I didn’t have any to turn on while I was doing my homework and reading.

Other than that though, having no technology for a Saturday made me open my eyes to the more beautiful things around me without having my eyes glued to my phone. If you all have the chance, I highly recommend taking a day or two and going technology-free. It’s rewarding and made me feel a lot closer to nature because I wasn’t seeing it from behind a phone.

Until next time, Readers!

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