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You’re busy. I get that. I feel that. I am busy too. Life is always busy, and it only gets worse as you go, if you let it.

So, I thought I’d be a little bit helpful and fill you in on some important things you should have heard of this week, that you probably didn’t.

1. I am pledging Theta Gamma Pi, and tonight I become an active member.!

2. A guy fell into a sinkhole and died.

NO THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Sinkholes are real. Read here:

3. Michigan is in a state of fiscal Emergency!!!! BAD NEWS BROTHER.

4. This morning in ORGO we were talking about how we aren’t allowed to use Cyanide in our labs. This is why:

5. Facebook is Changing…..AGAIN. Let’s all sigh in annoyance together.

6. Don’t ever get a Hedgehog. You’ll die of salmonella.

7. The pope resigned because he wanted a cat:

8. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: PERFECT for Anthony’s new restaurant: The new iPad will have a storage drawer! Maybe I can skip the purse now, and just bring the iPad??,31067/


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