Last Week of October!

To the not so morning people, HAPPY MONDAY! To the rare morning people, HAPPY MONDAY ALSO! I don’t know if anyone of you realize, but today is the last Monday of October. Yeah, four more days until November. It’s simply crazy to think about. This semester if flying, and sooner or later, it’ll be over. Anyways, because it’s the last Monday of October, make it count! A long time ago, I viewed Monday as the most dreadful day (it still is) but thinking about it differently totally changed my productivity. A new Monday means a new week, which means a fresh start. Whether you had a bad week or a good week last week, make this week even better.

I had a not so bad week last week, but I plan on having an even better week. I had only one exam to focus on, and I did all of my homework ahead so I had time to sleep, study, and relax. I also ran 7.10 miles for fun. I mean, everyone is running, so I might as well, right?

Yeah, I also beat my personal record. It's such a great motivator!
Yeah, I also beat my personal record. It’s such a great motivator!

So, here a few things I hope to accomplish this week, and maybe you can make a checklist and check things as you get through the week with your own list! I want to finish all of my assignments for this week AND next week. Is that even possible? Absolutely. you just have to manage your time wisely! Some might call me an overachiever, but I’m going to call myself on top of my game. This week, I also want to run 3 times, 10 miles each! I mean, I bought cold/winter running gear, so I might as well use it right? Maybe I can even break another personal record?

This week is also my first full week at my new clinical! I’m so excited to learn and see what geriatric nursing is all about! Also, let’s not forget, on FRIDAY, is it fellow blogger Chelsea Barfield‘s 22nd birthday, and one of my great friends, Nate’s 21st birthday! I absolutely can’t wait to spend time with them. Oh, and advising meetings are already happening. This means we sign-up for our Spring Semester classes next week. WHERE HAS THE TIME COME? Anyways, away with the Monday we go. Make sure you follow me on twitter. CLICK HERE! I tweet cool things, and I tweet awesome pictures of my amazing college. Have a great Monday, all!

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Greetings! My name is Marvin Solberg and my hometown is Traverse City, Michigan. I am a Hope College senior studying nursing, and aspire to obtain my Ph.D. in nursing research with the ultimate goal of becoming a professor. At Hope College, I am involved in Student Activities Committee (SAC), Student Blogging at Admissions, Ballet and Hip-Hop Club, Hope College Immersion Trips, and I am a nursing teaching assistant (TA)! I love God, my family, and friends. There's truly no place like Hope College; I call it my home away from home!

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