How to Eat Healthy in College

Hello again friends! This post is inspired by the fact that I have been eating very unhealthy lately, so much so that I feel like I have gained a few pounds. I don’t mind being completely honest with you all because I am sure we have all been there right? (Please agree silently if you have. It will make me feel A LOT better). I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week, but sadly that has all but stopped. Why? I have hit the “mid-semester slump,” as I will call it. It’s the time right after midterms and right before Thanksgiving break where students stay up late finishing homework while eating Papa John’s or Dominos pizza. It is so easy nowadays to order online and have our freshly hot pizza or wings delivered to us in our dorm rooms!  But, I am here to motivate you (and mostly myself), to get back to a healthy routine that will give you the willpower to finish out the rest of the semester!

1. Pay Attention to your Body

If you are feeling sluggish and tired most of the day, chances are it has to do with how much sleep you are getting as well as what you are eating. If there are certain foods that make you sick after eating them, cut those foods out. On the other side, if you are hungry, your body will tell you, so eat!  You may tell your friend, “Hey I am starving, let’s go to Phelps RIGHT NOW,” and proceed to eat nearly half of your body weight. Instead, eat until you are full (i.e. satisfied).

2. Stock up on Snacks

The next time you go to Meijer or Target, pay more attention to the snack aisle. Pass over the chips and cookies and instead look at the endless array of snack bars. Aim for granola or protein bars, but make sure that they are made out of whole or minimally processed foods like almonds or oats. KIND bars are my favorite go to snack bars! Snacking throughout the day will help ease your cravings for not so healthy snack foods and will keep you satisfied until your next meal.

3. Set a routine

I am a firm believer that the sooner you establish a routine, the easier it will be for you to get used to it. So with eating healthy, it really all depends on you and your food preferences. As you figure out which foods you like and don’t like, you can customize your own routine for each day. Here is an example of a healthy eating routine. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be specific and you can switch it up depending on what the dining hall is serving that day. ***Another side note: I recommend drinking water throughout the day, but you probably already do that!***

Breakfast: eggs with toast, oatmeal with a bowl of fruit, or granola with yogurt.

Lunch: Casear salad (or any salad of your choosing, which you can make yourself, yay!) with a sandwich, or a veggie wrap. Add in a bowl of fruit too if you’d like.

Snack: Any protein or granola bar. I recommend every time you go to the dining hall, grab a piece of fruit on your way out! That way, you are not only making it a common thing to do before you leave, but you also know that you will have a snack to eat later!

Dinner: Choose any protein of your choice like chicken, beef or fish with a side of brown rice and vegetables. For you non-meat eaters, that could be tofu or a hearty plate of veggies.

Late night snack: I am firm believer in “eating within moderation,” so if you want to have that Hershey’s chocolate bar (or two), go for it! Or if you are going to be up until pretty late and want to pop a bag of popcorn, then do it. As long as you are eating these types of foods in moderation, they will not affect you in the long run.

Hopefully these tips help you as you navigate your way through healthy eating in college. Know that it is not always about how you look, but how you feel. As long as you are comfortable with your body and who you are, that is all that matters.

Thank so much for reading! 🙂


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Hello! My name is Marisela, but everyone knows me by Mari. I am a senior at Hope majoring in English with an emphasis on writing and minoring in French. I am also part of the Theta Gamma Pi Sorority on campus. In my free time, I enjoy baking, taking photos, watching Netflix, and making music playlists for my friends. I am so excited to share my Hope experiences with you all!

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