School is now back in full swing. It’s been great to
reconnect with friends, jump into classes, start an internship, begin the
homework routine, and decorate and settle into my home for the year. I’ve
stayed busy getting things organized for the new semester, but in this busyness
I have remembered something that I learned as a freshman. The lesson I learned
revolves around finding a balance between working and resting. As important as
it is to do your work with excellence and in a timely manner, it’s also important to take a break. And take
a break is exactly what I did this past weekend. Two of my good friends
(actually twins) had their birthday this weekend so we (our group of friends)
went to the beach and celebrated.

Picture this… at the beach, sitting by the water, listening
to the sound of the waves, watching the sun set, and being with your closest
friends. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Well, it was pretty great!! We played
some volleyball, did some swimming in the freezing cold water, and as I’ve
already mentioned took tons of pictures. These activities might seem a little
trivial and boring but, in college, when deadlines are always around any time
with friends is gladly accepted.

The weekend was a great change of pace from the normal
“hustle and bustle” of college life. It was an opportunity to enjoy time with
friends, eat homemade food, and stop thinking about formulas, tests, and

So, to Austin and Alexis, thanks for inviting me to
celebrate your birthdays! It was the perfect break for the weekend! I’m
thankful for both of you and proud to call y’all friends!

Photo Credits: Austin Smith, Chelsea Barfield, Bri Nelson

A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.

— William Shakespeare
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Published by Chelsea Barfield

Hello! My name is Chelsea Barfield and I am from Dallas, Texas. I am a fifth year senior at Hope studying Accounting, Management, and Leadership. While at Hope, I have been involved in several different activities and groups including: Relay for Life, Dance Marathon, Student Orientation, Business Club, Student Consulting, Hope College Admissions, and Campus Ministries. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, reading, coffee dates, spending time with friends, and playing tennis. I look forward to sharing my Hope College experience with you! Go Hope!