Dancin’ all Day!

Wowza. I’m writing to you from Hope’s Pine Grove (the open area of pine trees, I sure hope you knew that). It’s a beautiful day here in Holland with temps around 75 degrees and full sun. The campus is abuzz being that tomorrow is the start of spring break, it’s beautiful outside, and everyone is ready to put down the books and bask in the sunlight.

Poor pathetic souls like me are typing away on their laptops, as we hurriedly attempt to create a conglomerate of words to turn in to our professors so we can go on our ways. Others are practicing the art of funambulism, lounging in hammocks, or snoozing on the recently-turned bright green grass. 

However, just 7 days ago, we were freezing. Torrential rain poured on our heads and the brisk winds forced us inside where homework was not quite welcomed, but certainly alright because nothing outside could be done.

Instead of staying trapped inside our rooms all weekend, my cluster decided to participate in Dance Marathon! WOO. If you aren’t familiar with the event, it’s a 24-hour dance marathon (gee, bet you didn’t figure that one out) to raise money for miracle children at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. Because I don’t quite want to put my body through 24 hours of weakness, and I’m chicken, I worked security for 12 hours. It was awesssommee.

Two other girls from my cluster also worked security with me. We worked the first shift of the marathon, and we were responsible for maintaining safety in all areas, registering dancers and moralers, and keeping dancers from escaping or people from entering the building without our knowledge.

After I slept for a few hours in the wee hours of the morning, I brought my dancer-friends a snack to keep them energized and ready to dance for the kids.

After receiving donations from businesses, friends, family members, and the community, Hope was able to raise $92,000 for the children, pushing the 13-year total of Dance Marathon over $1 million in donations.

Can you believe that?! A small residential area such as Holland came together to DO MORE GOOD. Miracle children and families were also at the event to continue to encourage dancers to keep standing for all 24 hours. There were bouncy slides and castles, crafts, corn hole, basketball, and a few other activities to keep people busy while they took a break from dancing.

The kids had a ball, running around with dancers and team members running after them. 

You’ll have to mark your calendars  for next year to come out for this fantastic event.

Have  a great week/weekend, and for Hope Students a great Spring Break!

— A

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