O M G. I love Christmas. Love it. 

I know that it’s getting to be my favorite time of the year when I see the first Macy’s Christmas commercial. AWE! My heart flutters at the thought of the ringing bells, the red Macy’s logo, the cute dramatic clips. I LOVE IT! Anways, all around Hope, the holidays are very apparent. Even though we haven’t gotten any snow yet (bummer, I know), pretty soon, hopefully, it will show up. 

Because we get off of school next Friday officially, we don’t have much actual time in December at school. So, we had to start early! As soon as Thanksgiving break was over, Dykstra began preparing for the Cluster Christmas decorating competition. My cluster has gone quite crazy over it, actually.

Here’s the entrance to our cluster, a Gingerbread House:


We also have a fireplace (not a real one of course), a sleigh, two trees, Santa’s workshop, lights all over, a Christmas mobile, stockings are hung, and the Christmas spirit is in the air! We are even having a Christmas party this Sunday to exchange Secret Santa presents! 🙂 

Decorating and amping up for the holidays has been the best study break for me as exams are approaching.  

We also had the Dykstra Christmas party at the Maas Auditorium. It was so cute! Everyone wore their ugliest Christmas sweater (mine was actually the cutest). There was cookie decorating, a Christmas song determination challenge, hot cocoa and spiced cider, raffle drawings, and Santa even came! 🙂

Here are a few of my clustermates and I with Santa!:


If you’re in the area on Friday, Dec 9th, Stop by Cluster 3-5. Santa will be here! 🙂


I hope your Holiday Planning and Decorating has been as fun as ours! 


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