On Saturday night I went with two of my clustermates to see Hope College’s dANCE pROjECt (that’s really how the title is with alternating uppercase and lowercase). 

It was definitely not what I expected AT ALL. It was very modern and all of the pieces were very interesting. dANCE pROjECt’s mission is to enteratain and challenge audiences with a diverse contemporary experience. They do this through possibilities beyond the traditionally accepted dance forms. 

I enjoy viewing art or artistic vessels such as dance because of the many ways each piece can be interpreted. More often than not, you’ll understand a piece much differently than even the person beside you because of the different views and background you formulate your opinions on. Thus said, the following is my interpretation of each piece.

Act I consisted of three pieces, all strangely bizarre but completely awesome. Helix consisted of six dancers all utilizing a stretchy fabric that they were able to stretch over themselves to create interesting forms. As they danced and “stretched” the projector painted their white costumes with vibrant patterns that complemented the musical accompaniment. It was an intense piece, but captivating all the same. Helix was inspired by the work of Alvin Nikolais and looked very similar to this: 


Ferdinand Hodler. It was definitely my favorite experience of the evening.

The artistic director of the production, Steven Iannacone, choregraphed the rest of the show. Although each piece was remarkable different, his style definitely shone through. Garden had an African Tribal ambiance, with costumes reminiscent of the jungle and a procession of movements as a group and individually. 

Bizet, creating a somber but sophisticated mood.

Sur La Table focused on a poem, written by Jackie Bartley, about the centrality of a table in a woman’s life. Six dancers dressed in 1970’s apparel danced sophisticatedly to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, conveying the wear, tear, and love the table (and the woman) received througout the years. 

Depree Art Gallery! 🙂 I love HOPE COLLEGE!


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