On the road again…day 3

After a delicious breakfast of my homemade blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs, we hopped in the car for our 5 and a half hour trip to Nashville. I am proud to say our longest drive without stopping for a restroom break was an hour and a half. I now know how my dad feels every time I ask him to pull over during our family road trips. After many stops, conversations, jam sessions, and naps; we made it to the beautiful city just as the sun was setting. I drove the entire way, except when Amy drove for an hour of the trip. The scenery in Illinois was so flat and boring compared to Kentucky and Tennesse. In Kentucky, we admired the rolling fields of grass with picket fences surrounding the animals. 

We check into The Hilton Garden Inn and then headed off to dinner at Cafe CoCo’s with my friends from Belmont. I really enjoyed seeing my friend Kate from home and was glad she was able to meet my friends from college. Cafe CoCo was an artistic “hole in the wall” restaurant that had Nashville’s greatest singers covering the walls. We shared many laughs and stories over pesto pasta and hummus wraps. 

Knowing that Grace and I had to get up at 5:40 am, we decided to call it a night. Right before we fell asleep, Grace made a joke about us missing the race because our alarms did not go off. I did not find this joke funny and was very paranoid. However, we ended up falling asleep around 11, and we were able to sleep very peacefully.

Getting ready to hit the town!

We made it to Nashville!

Cafe CoCo

Living it up in the nation’s music capital!



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