The Weather in Chile

The weather in Chile is amazing and weird at the same time. I am sure that everyone knows that in southern hemisphere the seasons are switched, so when in U.S. or Europe is winter, in Chile is summer. It is very weird for someone to walk in to a shopping mall and see a Christmas three, while being 95° F outside, but that is not why the weather is weird.

During the winter there are huge changes of temperatures during the day. So for example in the morning, there is 0°F – 10°F, which is cold. But in 4-5 hours, the temperature is changes to 60°F, which feels like 80°F because most people are frozen from the morning. There are couple ways to address it. First, dress in layers, but since it is so cold in the morning and so warm during the day, it is hard to store the extra layers. This is the best way and I think the only way if one wants to feel comfortable. There also another way, which I and a lot of other students tried, which is not so smart because we all got sick. Basically, you dress lightly,  be tough during the cold and hope it is going to warm as soon as possible. This does not work.

Otherwise, the weather in Chile is simply spectacular. Santiago gets 2462 hours of sunlight per year, which is a lot. The possible amount of sunlight is 4383 hours. January is the warmest month, quite the opposite of Michigan.

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